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Introducing our range of Carpet Shampoo Brushes a comprehensive selection of Replacement Floor Machine Carpet Shampoo Brushes designed to revolutionize carpet cleaning. Whether you seek replacements or specific equipment tailored to your machine's make and model, our selection ensures top-tier performance for your cleaning needs.

Innovative Brush Design

Brushes measuring 14" in diameter and larger feature outer rows that are heavier, scrubbing the carpet and flexing the pile for a comprehensive clean. The softer inner rows "massage" the dirt, ensuring a deeper cleaning action for impeccable results.

Best-in-Class Nylon

Renowned for its quality, the Nylon Brush stands out as the superior choice for carpet cleaning. Its flexibility and suppleness allow gentle yet effective scrubbing, while its exceptional "memory" ensures longevity, providing a thorough and enduring clean.

Long-Lasting Durability

Nylon's resilience and durability make it an ideal choice for carpets, offering a longer-lasting brush that maintains its effectiveness even with frequent use.

Cost-Effective Alternative

The Polypropylene Brush offers a low-cost alternative to nylon, catering to situations that require less frequent use, making it particularly suitable for the rental trade.

Slightly Stiffer Bristles

With bristles slightly stiffer than nylon, the Polypropylene Brush provides efficient cleaning at a budget-friendly cost, ensuring a reliable performance for occasional cleaning needs.

Customized Options

Depending on how often you clean and how much money you have to spend, you can choose between the superior quality of nylon and the dependable, affordable polypropylene.

Tailored Cleaning Performance

These brush options provide effective and efficient cleaning, catering to a variety of carpet types, textures, and cleaning needs.

Replacement Floor Machine Carpet Shampoo Brushes. If you know your machine make & model, we suggest you visit our Manufacturer/Brand Specific Equipment Reference List section or if you cannot find what you're looking for, please call us toll FREE 1-224-654-6500 and a sales representative will happily assist you.

On brushes 14" in diameter and larger, the two outer rows are heavier to scrub the carpet and flex the pile while the softer inner rows “massage“ the dirt from the carpet for a deeper cleaning action.

  • Nylon Brush - The best quality brush for this application. Nylon is flexible and supple enough to gently scrub carpets, yet has more “memory“ than other fibers for a longer lasting brush.
  • Polypropylene Brush - A low cost alternative to nylon for situations that call for less frequent use. Ideal for the rental trade. Bristles are slightly stiffer than nylon.

It concludes, our Carpet Shampoo Brushes revolutionize carpet cleaning efficacy and efficiency. As these brushes painstakingly clean carpets, flexing the pile and massaging away dirt for a deeper clean, feel the transformative power. Elevate your cleaning routine, showcase impeccable results, and revel in the satisfaction of flawlessly maintained carpets all made effortless with our advanced Carpet Shampoo Brushes.

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