Carpet Bonnet Systems

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Replacement Floor Machine Carpet Bonnets Pads & Disc Drivers. If you know your machine make & model, we suggest you visit our Manufacturer/Brand Specific Equipment Reference List section or if you cannot find what you're looking for, please call us toll FREE 1-224-654-6500 and a sales representative will happily assist you.

  • BONNET-LOK™ - The BONNET-LOK™ System is a brush/bonnet combination in a single unit. The exclusive design allows both the brush and the bonnet to extend to the wall for maximum coverage and effectiveness.
  • BONNET-LOK™ II - A brush/bonnet combination similar to the BONNET-LOK™ but with a circular design.

Introducing our Carpet Bonnet Systems a range of Replacement Floor Machine Carpet Bonnets Pads & Disc Drivers engineered to elevate your carpet cleaning experience. Whether you're looking for specific replacements or exploring options tailored to your machine make and model, our comprehensive range ensures top-notch performance for your cleaning needs.

Cutting-Edge Carpet Bonnet Systems for Superior Cleaning.


This system revolutionizes carpet cleaning with its brush/bonnet combination in a single unit. The exclusive design extends both the brush and the bonnet to the wall, ensuring maximum coverage and effectiveness. Say goodbye to missed spots and welcome thorough, comprehensive cleaning.


Similar to the BONNET-LOK™ system, the BONNET-LOK™ II features a circular design with a brush/bonnet combination. It offers an innovative approach to carpet cleaning, ensuring a more rounded and consistent cleaning action for your floors.

Maximum Coverage

Both systems are designed to maximize coverage, ensuring no area is left untouched. The innovative designs extend the cleaning action to the edges for comprehensive cleaning.

Effective Cleaning

The brush/bonnet combinations in these systems deliver superior cleaning results, removing dirt, stains, and grime effectively without compromising on efficiency.

Versatility in Application

Our Carpet Bonnet Systems cater to diverse cleaning needs, offering solutions for different carpet types, textures, and cleaning requirements.

Customizable Options

Whether you prefer the exclusive design of the BONNET-LOK™ or the circular approach of the BONNET-LOK™ II, there's an option to suit your specific cleaning preferences.

Innovative Design

These systems' distinctive construction guarantees peak performance, enhancing your carpet cleaning regimen with cutting-edge design and technology.

Durability and Reliability

Our Carpet Bonnet Systems are long-lasting and provide consistent performance, yielding dependable results with each use. They are designed to endure demanding cleaning tasks.

It concludes, with regard to carpet cleaning, our Carpet Bonnet Systems redefine efficacy, coverage, and efficiency. Discover the transforming power of these systems as they seamlessly blend bonnets and brushes to give your carpets the best possible cleaning. Elevate your cleaning routine, showcase impeccable results, and revel in the satisfaction of flawlessly maintained carpets all made effortless with our advanced Carpet Bonnet Systems.

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