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Floor Machines for heavy and light-duty requirements ranging from auto scrubbers, low & high speed burnishers, base board & tile scrubbers, floor sweepers and heavy-duty propane burnishers. Use in conjunction with our Floor Chemicals for the ultimate clean.

Elevate Floor Maintenance: Advanced Floor Equipment Solutions

With our extensive selection of floor equipment, you can transform your routine for maintaining your floors. Our industrial floor scrubber machines feature everything from Walk Behind Electric Automatic Floor Scrubbers to Base Board Scrubbers, Floor Burnishers to Sweepers, Propane Burnishers, Tile Cleaning Machines and more. Our lineup offers cutting-edge solutions for efficient and effective floor care.

Automatic Scrubbers

Our Automatic Scrubbers combine precision and efficiency. By using cutting-edge technology to simultaneously scrub and dry floors, these machines simplify the cleaning process and leave them immaculately clean with little effort.

Base Board Scrubber

With our Base Board Scrubbers, you can easily clean areas that are difficult to reach. With the help of these specialized machines, baseboards and edges are thoroughly cleaned, removing dirt and grime accumulation to leave a polished finish.

Floor Burnishers

Achieve that professional shine with our Floor Burnishers. Available in low and dual speeds, these machines enhance the appearance of your floors, delivering a high-gloss finish that elevates the overall aesthetic of your space.

Floor Machines - Low and Dual Speed

Our Floor Machines offer versatility and power. Available in low and dual speeds, these machines cater to various floor types and cleaning requirements, ensuring optimal performance and results.

Floor Sweepers

Simplify floor cleaning with our Floor Sweepers. These machines efficiently remove debris, dust, and small particles, ensuring a clean sweep for your surfaces with minimal effort.

Propane Burnishers

For maximum power and efficiency, our Propane Burnishers deliver exceptional results. They offer high-performance burnishing for large areas, ensuring a superior shine with reduced operational costs.

Tile Cleaning Machines

Our Tile Cleaning Machines offer specialized cleaning for tiles. With precision and power, they tackle grout lines and surfaces, ensuring a deep clean that revitalizes the appearance of your tiled floors.

In conclusion, our range of Floor Equipment represents the pinnacle of floor care innovation. From scrubbing and sweeping to burnishing and tile cleaning, these machines offer efficiency, precision, and exceptional results. Elevate your floor maintenance routine. Experience the efficiency, precision, and superior results delivered by our advanced Floor Equipment. Streamline your cleaning processes and achieve impeccable floors with ease. This showcases the variety and functionality of Floor Equipment, highlighting how each machine, from Automatic Scrubbers to Tile Cleaning Machines, offers specialized solutions for efficient and effective floor care, ultimately streamlining cleaning processes and delivering superior results.

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