Aztec - Floor Equipment

Aztec - Floor Equipment

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Aztec is a family-run business in the United States that produces floor cleaning and resurfacing devices for concrete as well as converts gasoline engines into LPG for other equipment producers. The Aztec Refresher System is a full system for stripping, honing, polishing, and burnishing polished concrete and terrazzo floors. It is propane-powered and planetary-driven. The Aztec LowRider propane burnisher has dust control and spray mist variants and is a favorite with professionals. Aztec is the proud manufacturer of all machinery and engine conversions right here in the USA with CE, EPA, CARB, LEED, and GS-42 certifications.

With its sturdy, solid steel body construction, the Hydro Tek High Speed Propane Burnisher can effectively buff and polish floors in confined spaces. This 21" LowRider Floor Burnisher has an ultra-low 4" profile, an innovative composite polymer pad driver, and a dust control upgrade. It can cover up to 27,000 square feet per hour.

Aztec's LowRider Dust Control Burnisher is a very efficient choice for buffing and polishing VCT and polished concrete floors with excellent interior air quality. Because of its cutting-edge suction technology, adjustable pad pressure, and easy-to-replace floating dust skirt, it is a useful and environmentally friendly substitute for industrial cleaning.

Aztec's Edgewinder 13 HP High Speed Floor Stripping Machine has a novel flexible guard design that enables close contact with walls, corners, and other obstructions. It is a strong and effective method for eliminating dirt and grime from confined and challenging spaces. With an engine powered by PurePowerLPG gas and a 14-inch strata-grit brush, it can quickly remove layers of buildup at a speed of up to 50 feet per minute.

With the capacity to strip up to 15,000 square feet per hour and remove up to seven layers of wax in a single pass, Aztec's Propane-Powered Sidewinder Floor Stripper is a highly effective and efficient option for thorough cleaning and quick stripping of hard surface floors. The Sidewinder is an eco-friendly option because it is a component of the Aztec WorkSmart Cordless VCT Floor Stripping System and has the lowest emissions on the market.

Aztec's Liquidator is a lightweight, portable option for evenly and effectively pouring stripping solution. It covers up to 45,000 square feet per hour and fits through narrow openings as small as 26 inches. The Liquidator is a crucial part of the Sidewinder WorkSmart Stripping System.

Aztec's Guzzler 620 is a high-speed recovery machine with a 30" squeegee path that can recover solutions at a rate of up to 30,000 square feet per hour, which is twice as fast as traditional recovery techniques. It is meant to retrieve scrubbing and stripping solutions rapidly and effectively.

The Aztec Grand Finale with Spray Mist is a quick and effective coating applicator that can apply chemicals at a rate of up to 35,000 square feet per hour while using 30% less chemicals and solving problems that come with standard mopping. It is an excellent instrument for reducing labor-intensive work and harm because of its spray nozzle and flexible hose, which make it simple to reach difficult-to-reach regions. The head assembly and looped pad are also available from Aztec.

Aztec is a market leader in cutting-edge floor maintenance equipment and solutions, offering premium goods that are effective, dependable, and eco-friendly. With a dedication to superior customer service and products, Aztec has remained a reputable brand in the market.

Aztec is a family-owned Made in the USA manufacture of equipment for concrete and terrazzo refinishing or maintaining. Equipment for VCT and wood floors so you can maintain, refresh and refinish more floors all while protecting the environment. Aztec equipment provides a betterd indoor air quality with lower emission propane power and dust control upgrades.

The Aztec Sidewinder is a game changer in the industry. This machine isThe Aztec Sidewinder is a game changer in the industry. This machine is the best stripping and waxing propane floor machine in the industry. the best stripping and waxing propane floor machine in the industry.

Over 99% of all Aztec machine parts are sourced domestically in the USA and all assembly is done in the suburbs of Philadelphia for an American made product.

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