Hand-Cleaning Towels

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1 review

Hand Wipes are a dual sided, scented hand-cleansing towels for the gentle removal of extra, heavy-duty contamination without using water. These super heavy duty cleansing wipes are impregnated with powerful, solvent-based cleansing ingredients to remove a broad spectrum of contaminants such as oil, grease, and grime. Industrial work related odors are neutralized from hands and are replaced with a fresh fragrance.

Quickly and completely removes:

  • Paint
  • Grime
  • Heavy Dirt
  • Grease
  • Oil

Scented Heavy Duty Hand Cleansing Wipes are tough on dirt, but gentle on the skin, with conditioners and moisturizers that keep hands smooth, healthy, and lightly fragranced. Unique Packaging of these hand wiping towels ensures there is always plenty of Super Heavy Duty Wipes to get the job done!

  • Pre-moistened, no water is needed
  • Light fragrance
  • Contains conditioners to keep skin moisturized and healthy
  • Powerful non-abrasive cleaning ideal for construction, automotive workshops, marine, remote work sites or anywhere water is not available
  • Snap cap syles keeps towels fresh and moist

These powerful 10" x 12" non-abrasive cleaning towels are ideal for vehicle maintenace/repair shops, garagaes, field locations, construction sites, remote worksites or anywhere water is not available. These super heavy duty hand towels are a safe solution for working environments that cannot include water. Hands air dry quickly and the non-greasy formula allows you to get right back to work.

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