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Rubbermaid Technical Concepts Soap Systems and Dispensers for a Hygienic Hand Washing Experience

Rubbermaid Technical Concepts Soap systems and dispensers offer a wide variety of hand soaps and dispensers to meet the needs of any business or organization.

The AutoFoam Foam Soap Refills are specially formulated with extra-mild cleansing ingredients and emollients to moisturize the skin.

The OneShot Free N' Clean enriched foaming lotion hand soap with moisturizers is Green Seal certified and dye and fragrance-free for an extra gentle hand wash.

With extra-mild cleansing ingredients and moisturizers to smooth the skin, OneShot Foam Soap Refill is specially formulated for frequent hand washing.

The OneShot Touch-Free Liquid Soap Dispenser uses state-of-the-art sensor technology to detect hands and automatically release the right quantity of soap.

Green Seal Certified, OneShot Pure & Natural Lotion Soap Refills meet the highest standards for environmental responsibility. With special moisturizing ingredients, such as glycerin, aloe vera, and vitamin E, OneShot Lotion Soap with Moisturizers soothes and softens skin.

The OneShot Antibacterial Enriched Lotion Soap Refill kills 99.99% of germs in seconds, providing broad-spectrum antimicrobial effectiveness against gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, yeast, and mold.

SoapWorks ProRx Skin Care System is your heavy-duty skin health prescription for hard-working hands. The enriched lotion cleaner delivers four times more hand washes than other soap systems, and natural grit scrubbers boost cleaning power.

Flex Manual Skin Care Systems feature foam or liquid refills in one manual dispenser. Hygienically sealed disposable refills keep soap fresh and germ-free, with the highest yield of hand washes at up to 3250 per refill.

The Spray Hand Soaps with Moisturizers are a revolutionary spray that delivers thorough coverage of highly concentrated soap. The soap lathers well and contains skin-conditioning ingredients.

Rubbermaid Technical Concepts soap systems and dispensers are designed for frequent hand washing and offer a convenient touch-free experience with a wide range of formulas to meet your needs.

When you think of skin care, think Technical Concepts. From rich and luxurious to economical, our complete line of skin care systems suits every need. Our innovative dispensers include various automatic through-the-counter systems and wall-mounted styles.

With Technical Concepts, you get a superior skin care experience, lower cost-in-use and environmentally responsible products – three more ways Technical Concepts delivers innovative hygiene solutions

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