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Rubbermaid Technical Concepts: Fixtures and Faucets for Hygienic Washrooms

Rubbermaid Technical Concepts offers a range of fixtures and faucets that are designed to conserve resources, reduce costs, and promote health and wellness. With our touch-free fixtures and faucets, you can create a washroom experience that leaves a strong impression of your commitment to hygiene and appearance. Not only can this help to boost tenant retention and customer satisfaction, but it can also enhance employee morale by providing a safer and more pleasant work environment.

The AutoFaucets with Surround Sensor Technology are touch-free faucet systems that deliver water only when needed, resulting in water savings of up to 70%. This patented technology eliminates cross-contamination and encourages healthy hand washing while providing reliable activation for frequent use.

The Verona Auto Faucet with Surround Sensor Technology features a 3-inch omnidirectional sensing zone that guarantees activation every time, and its patented "dry" cam-gear technology ensures trouble-free operation and reduces maintenance. It has a long battery life of 400,000 cycles, or three years, and has four "D" batteries included.

The Sienna auto faucet with Surround Sensor Technology has similar features as the Verona auto faucet, such as touch-free activation, reliable activation, and reduced water consumption. It also has a user-friendly design that is easy to install with all components included.

All of these fixtures and faucets have an aesthetically superior design that enhances your decor, with contemporary and stylish options available in a wide array of spout designs and finishes to coordinate with any washroom. By offering these innovative and reliable solutions, Rubbermaid Technical Concepts is committed to delivering the best washroom faucet system that conserves water.

Rubbermaid Technical Concepts has the perfect fixtures and faucets for your needs, from sleek and modern designs to classic and timeless options. Shop our collection today and see the difference for yourself!

People today want clean, sanitary washrooms and Technical Concepts delivers through innovation and technology.

A touch-free washroom leaves a strong impression that you care about hygiene and appearance, which can help to boost tenant retention, improve customer satisfaction and enhance employee morale.

From elegant AutoFaucets® to the convenient AutoDoor® Opener, Technical Concepts provides a range of fixture and hardware products to upgrade your washroom appearance, making it cleaner and easier to maintain while improving the wellness of patrons by decreasing the cross-contamination risk.

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