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Adapters and Accessories from Technical Concepts

Technical Concepts adapters and accessories provide a number of functions in a range of circumstances. The adapters allow devices that use different standards or interfaces to connect and communicate with one another. They help adapt a device to a specific use or environment. Technical Concepts accessories can enhance the capabilities of a device by adding new features or functions. They make using a device easier or more convenient.

Electrical outlet power conversion kits from Technological Concepts convert TC OneShot Automatic Soap Dispensers and TC AutoFaucets from battery power to AC power. These conversion kits are available at UnoClean.

The AutoClean LED/LCD technology combats and eliminates odors at the source. It uses programmable dispensing technology to clean fixture surfaces automatically, day and night. This device delivers a regular metered dose of formula, preventing calcium and scale buildup and enabling round-the-clock maintenance. You will find the AutoClean connection kits and tubes at UnoClean.

The AutoFlush Clamp is the pinnacle of performance and convenience, guaranteeing that urinals and toilets are always flushed and clean. It promotes good hygiene by avoiding potential points of cross-contamination and odors and ensuring that fixtures are flushed at all times of the day and night. The AutoFlush Sidemount is ideal for automating fixture flushing in high-usage washrooms. With up to 100,000 flushes per battery set, this device ensures that urinals and toilets are always flushed and presentable in only a few minutes. You can buy the AutoFlush hardware and adapter kits from UnoClean.

The AutoJanitor is a revolutionary, fully automatic surface care solution for both hygiene and odor control. It cleans and deodorizes toilets and urinals while releasing a fresh, clean aroma. The AutoJanitor key lock, vandal cage, wall mount plate, and second fixture plastic tubing kit are all available at UnoClean.

Technical Concepts adapters and accessories are important tools for expanding the functionality, compatibility, and convenience of electronic devices.

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