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Cam Spray offers Cold water,  Hot water power washers in many different variations for almost every application. Pressure washers that are hand crafted equipment, built in the USA, made from carefully selected components and engineered to meet your demands!

Pressure Washers from Cam Spray

Cam Spray is a company based in Iowa that started off in 1971 with modest beginnings as a distributor for industrial pumps. Cam Spray has now grown to become the leading manufacturer of commercial pressure washers, drain and sewer jetters, and related equipment. For over 40 years, Cam Spray has been committed to providing the latest innovations in cleaning equipment to take the drudgery out of hard work. Pressure washers can't be beaten for their powerful cleaning power and lightweight, easy operation. The result? You'll spend less time and effort on cleanup and more on the things you love.

The pressure washers Cam Spray offers are among the most efficient ones on the market. These hand-crafted, USA-made pressure washers are built in a range of configurations for nearly every purpose and are made using carefully selected materials. If the standard pressure washer on the catalog is not what you require, it can be custom-made to meet your needs. Cam Spray provides manufacturing capabilities to satisfy exact PSI specifications, uncommon dimension demands, and other application-specific criteria in order to suit particular needs. To ensure that you and your employees are able to run your new equipment without interfering with your productivity, Cam Spray offers comprehensive training services.

Cam Spray is aware of your cleaning challenges and has developed the best solutions for them, regardless of how big or small. With just a few hours of effort each month, pressure washers are tremendously helpful appliances and among the quickest methods for cleaning outdoor areas. It takes hardly any time, effort, or resources. They work well to remove rust coatings and stains from a variety of objects. These quick cleaning techniques produce fantastic outcomes while consuming less time and energy.

Complete the task with the best results and the least amount of energy with Cam Spray pressure washers!

If the standard pressure washer machine is not what you are looking for, we can custom build exactly what you need to get the job done. Call us at 224-654-6500 to discuss your custom pressure washer needs.

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