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Do you know the feeling of something just washed and cleaned? Camp Spray has captured that feeling, bottled it, and turned it into a hot water pressure washer. Camp Spray Hot Water Pressure Washers are an excellent choice if you want an affordable and efficient cleaning solution. Protecting and preserving your most prized possessions is no longer a chore. With the Cam Spray Hot Water Pressure washer, all you have to do is to point, spray, rinse and watch!

Cam Spray Diesel Powered Electric hot water pressure washer powered by diesel engines includes a hose, trigger gun, dual wand with side handle, detergent time, quick change tips, and pneumatic tires with tube. The frame is powder coated to prevent rusting. This hot water pressure is enhanced by a triplex plunger pump that has ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves. With adjustable pressure, a thermostat, and an automatic pressure pop-off, you can't go wrong with this hot water pressure washer. The package includes a chemical injection for quick and easy detergent application and a trigger gun for precise wand operation on sensitive areas such as wheels and tires.The Cam Spray Oil-Fired hot water pressure washer is enclosable and rust-free. It also has an oil-fired burner, which can use diesel fuel or kerosene. Cam Spray gas-powered hot water pressure washer produces temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and is portable. It is perfect for those who need a pressure washer that works without fail when there is no electricity.

Keep your workspace or home clean with a Cam Spray Hot Water Pressure Washer. Powered by electricity, gas, or diesel fuel, these pressure washers are perfect for washing away dirt and grime on any surface.

Make your space sparkle with top-notch Hot Water Pressure Washers

Cam Spray offers hot water pressure washers that are electrically or gas powered. Electric powered heated pressure washers are generally less expensive to operate compared to gas or diesel fuel powered ones, and their motor can last two to three times as long. Gas powered heated pressure washer offers high performance as an economical alternative to diesel engines.

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