Extractor Heaters

Heat 'N Run External Heater - 2000W
Discontinued Item

Carpet Extractor Portable Water Heaters that can be hooked up to any cold water carpet extractor for instant heat.

Experience the Power of Instant Heat with Extractor Heaters

Extractor Heaters give any cold water carpet extractor the crucial component of instant heat, revolutionizing the cleaning process. These portable water heaters revolutionize cleaning effectiveness by providing instantaneous temperature control and boosting carpet extractor performance.

Efficient Instant Heat

Extractor Heaters serve as a seamless addition to cold water carpet extractors, instantly transforming them into heated cleaning systems. With the help of this instant heat feature, cleaning efficacy is maximized as the cleaning solution quickly reaches the ideal temperature.

Enhanced Cleaning Performance

Improved soil removal and better cleaning outcomes are made possible by the addition of heat to the cleaning solution. A deeper clean is achieved by breaking down tough stains, dirt, and grime that are embedded in carpets and upholstery thanks to the higher temperature.

Versatile Compatibility

Designed to be portable and easily adaptable, these heaters can be connected to various cold water carpet extractors, offering a universal heating solution. This versatility allows for seamless integration, making them an ideal choice for diverse cleaning applications.

Temperature Control Precision

With precise temperature control capabilities, these heaters offer the flexibility to adjust heat settings according to specific cleaning needs. This control ensures that delicate surfaces receive the appropriate heat while tackling tougher stains with higher temperatures.

Improved Efficiency and Speed

The addition of heat not only improves cleaning effectiveness but also significantly reduces cleaning time. By accelerating the breakdown of soils and stains, the extraction process becomes more efficient, leading to faster cleaning cycles.

Professional-Grade Performance

Crafted with durability and longevity in mind, these Extractor Heaters are built to withstand heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Their robust construction ensures consistent performance, making them a valuable asset for professional cleaners.

It concludes, Extractor Heaters are the missing piece in achieving a superior cleaning experience. Their ability to instantly heat cleaning solutions elevates the capabilities of cold water carpet extractors, resulting in enhanced cleaning performance, improved efficiency, and greater versatility. This emphasizes the transformative power of Extractor Heaters, highlighting their ability to instantly heat cleaning solutions and enhance the efficiency and cleaning performance of cold water carpet extractors.

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