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Queenaire - Innovative Ozone Generators for Effective Odor Elimination

Queenaire is a leading manufacturer of high-quality ozone generators that use cutting-edge technology to eliminate unpleasant odors effectively. With around 30 years of experience in the ozone industry, the team has developed a range of products that cater to various odor issues. All Queenaire products have the most advanced ozone-generating technology available today, ensuring that customers get the best results.

The Queenaire range of ozone generators includes the QT Thunder-24, QT Cyclone, QT Hurricane, QT Lightning, QT Tornado, and QT STORM. These ozone generators are designed to cater to different odor problems, from locker rooms to sewage odors, fire and flood restoration work, dank basements, crawl spaces, and more.

The QT Thunder-24 is ideal for areas up to 10,000 cubic ft. with ongoing odor problems. It is a compact and efficient unit designed to eliminate odors on a programmed basis without the need for constant monitoring. With the ability to set a schedule for treatment, users can simply forget about it, while the unit takes care of the odor problem.

The QT Cyclone is a powerful unit that offers the same features as the QT Tornado and produces up to 1250 mg/hr of ozone to deal with the toughest odor problems. This makes it the perfect device for sewage odors, fire damage, and flood damage. With its high ozone output, the QT Cyclone can quickly and effectively eliminate even the most persistent odors. Whether you need to eliminate odors in a commercial or residential setting, the QT Cyclone is a reliable and efficient solution.

The QT Hurricane Ozone Generator is a great choice for areas that need daily deodorization, thanks to its 7-day, 6 cycles programmable timer. The QT Lightning is the highest ozone output of the entire Queenaire line and features a 0-60 timer that allows the unit to shock the area being treated and then shut itself off, dissipating the ozone before the area is reoccupied.

The compact QT Tornado is the maintenance tool for odors in areas up to 40,000 cubic ft., while the QT STORM is lightweight and compact, with a variable setting capable of producing as low as 3mg of ozone or as high as 300 mg per hour, intended to treat an area of up to 10,000 cubic ft. continuously.

Queenaire also offers maintenance and repair services on several different makes and models of ozone equipment, ensuring that customers can continue to benefit from their products for years to come. Additionally, Queenaire offers maintenance kits for the QT Cyclone, QT Hurricane, QT Lightning, QT Tornado, QT Thunder-24, and QT STORM, allowing customers to perform simple cleaning and maintenance on their units every six months.

Queenaire's range of ozone generators is the perfect solution for customers looking to eliminate unpleasant odors effectively. With their advanced technology and innovative features, these products cater to various odor problems and come with a 5-year warranty and a long life expectancy.

QueenAire offers high-quality ozone generators with cutting-edge technology to eliminate odors in various settings.

QueenAire Ozone Generators are a portable ozone machine and very compact. When looking for a low maintenance ozone machine, QueenAire ozone generators are the ones to choose. Ozone generators eliminate odors and generate ozone to do it.

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