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Newaire HO3-2500 Hydroxyl/Ozone Air & Surface Treatment System

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  • Manufacturer:QueenAire
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  • Size:8.2" W x 10" D x 17" L
  • Product Type:Hydroxyl/Ozone Generator

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Item Description:

NewAire HO3-2500 Air & Surface Hydroxyl/Ozone Generator

The best of two deodorizing technologies, now in one unit. Amazingly compact and lightweight, the Newaire Hydroxyl/Ozone Air & Surface Treatment System features state-of-the-art Photo Catalytic Hydroxyl Technology designed to treat the air inside the unit to help eliminate odors and destroy a wide range of bacteria in areas up to 2500 sq/ft even while the area is occupied. The separate Ozone option allows for deeper cleaning of the air and surfaces in unoccupied areas.

Applications: Perfect for deep cleaning air and surfaces in hotels, funeral homes, apartments, offices, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, vehicles, boats, fitness centers, and day care centers.

Chamber Life Expectancy:
25,000+ Hours
Brushed Aluminum ABS/PC Black
Fan Volume:
212 CFM
Hydroxyl Timer:
24 Hours/Continuous
Ozone Output:
1000 mg/hr
Ozone Timer:
0-60 min
Photo Catalytic Chamber:
Pre & Post Filter:
Room Capacity:
2,500 sq/ft
8.2" W x 10" D x 17" L
UV Bulb:
UVC Germicidal
5 Years
8.5 lbs

What are the Benefits of Using a Hydroxyl Generator?

The main benefit of using a hydroxyl generator is that they are safe to use in occupied areas for deodorization purposes; business owners do not have to shut down and loose precious business to clean the air in their facility. If people and animals can be removed from the treatment area, ozone will always do the job faster, but the general rule is if a strong ozone generator would take one day to do a job, a true hydroxyl generator will take three to five days to do the same job.

Also there are a large number of studies showing that a hydroxyl generator is very effective at eliminating a broad range of bacteria and viruses as they pass through the unit and come in contact with the germicidal UV lamp.

What are the Benefits of Using Ozone?

Ozone is very effective in eliminating odors including tobacco smoke, human and pet odors, food odors, mold and mildew odors, garbage odors, renovation odors and much more. It is not a re-odorant. It totally destroys the offending gases that are the source of everything we smell. Unlike many other deodorizing methods, ozone actually searches out and destroys the problem gases. It will react with contaminants in the air, water, fabrics and on other surface of the walls and ceilings.

Unlike other types of air purification systems, an ozone generator does not depend on the air pass-ing through the machine to do its job. Ozone generators also produce large quantities of ions via the corona discharge. The ions cause the dust particles to agglomerate, and precipitate from the air leaving a cleaner environment.

   5.0 / 5 • 1 reviews

by on April 12, 2020

I am over the moon happy, relieved, reassured and whatever other positive words you can think of to describe how very satisfied I am with this product, the timely manner in which it was received, despite the challenges of shipping to my remote location, and most of all, the absolutely incredible customer service I was treated to by the people working at this company, particularly Melissa G. and the owner. I'm fact, I'm going to write a separate review for just that! As for this unit itself, it is a solid, industrial piece of equipment that has been running non-stop the minute it was out of the package. There is absolutely no set up required, absolutely nothing to install, just plug it in and get going! Plenty of warnings right on the unit itself for ozone and uv radiation hazards, and even included was a handy warning sign you can hang outside a door to bar entry when ozone is going. Everything is tailored to begin using immediately, right out of the box. Could not be more satisfied, and will now start looking at other products from this brand in the future.

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