Bed Pan Holders & Cabinets

Organize and Streamline Patient Care with Bed Pan Holders & Cabinets

Upgrade your patient care facilities with our Bed Pan Holders & Cabinets, designed to provide convenient and hygienic storage solutions for bed pans and urinals. Our range includes the Bed Pan/Urinal Holder, Single Bedpan Rack, and Bed Pan Storage Cabinet, each offering unique features to enhance the efficiency and organization of your healthcare environment.

Bed Pan/Urinal Holder

Our Bed Pan/Urinal Holder is a compact and versatile solution for storing bed pans and urinals near patient beds. Made from durable materials, this holder securely mounts to walls or bedside tables, ensuring that bed pans and urinals are easily accessible when needed. Its sleek design and easy-to-clean surface make it a practical addition to any patient room or bathroom.

Single Bedpan Rack

The Single Bedpan Rack is a space-saving option for storing bed pans in patient rooms or medical facilities. With its sturdy construction and adjustable design, this rack can accommodate various sizes of bed pans while maximizing available space. The rack's open design allows for air circulation, helping to prevent odors and maintain hygiene standards.

Bed Pan Storage Cabinet

For larger-scale storage needs, our Bed Pan Storage Cabinet provides a secure and organized solution. This cabinet features multiple shelves and compartments, allowing for the storage of bed pans, urinals, and other patient care items. The cabinet's locking mechanism ensures the security of its contents, while its durable construction ensures long-lasting reliability.

It concludes, upgrade your patient care facilities with our Bed Pan Holders & Cabinets and experience the benefits of improved organization, efficiency, and hygiene. Whether you need a compact holder for individual patient rooms or a larger cabinet for centralized storage, our range offers solutions to suit your needs. Invest in quality and functionality with our Bed Pan Holders & Cabinets today!

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