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Rubbermaid is the name you reach for when you want quality products to bring order to your closet, garage, kitchen, laundry room, and even your car. Rubbermaid organization and storage products help you remove clutter, clean, organize, and store in style.

How did the story of Rubbermaid begin?

It began in 1958 when a single salesman was assigned by Rubbermaid Incorporated to call on hotels and motels to sell doormats and bathmats. It was a huge success, resulting in the establishment of Rubbermaid Commercial Products, which catered to institutions. Rubbermaid Commercial Products had such a large market scope that it was decided to make it a separate entity from Rubbermaid Inc. in 1968. John Gans who was at the helm of affairs and led the formation of RCP, was named the first Vice President and General Manager of the business. In the same year, a 145,000-square-foot plant in Winchester, Virginia, was developed to produce and market items for the commercial and institutional markets. Gans assembled a group of tenacious managers and enthusiastic employees ready to learn and achieve high-quality excellence. Manufacturing and distribution began in the fall, and RCP employees created and transported 221 different things in the first year alone.

Throughout the 1970s, RCP spearheaded the technical change of phasing out traditional metal and wood raw materials in favor of plastic. RCP had grown outside of the Winchester area by the end of the decade, with a new manufacturing and distribution operation in Texas. RCP went into industrial, cleaning, and agricultural products in the 1980s, pioneering the development of high performance products that are still popular today. It quickly established a market leadership position, which it has maintained for many years.

It is not only in innovation that RCP has invested. Building trusting relationships has also been a goal for RCP, and they have established trusting partnerships with loyal distributors and customers. Many of the original partners who have been working since 1968 are still with them today.

RCP now has a global footprint. Its headquarters are in Huntersville, North Carolina, and its global, state-of-the-art facilities are scattered across four continents, employing over 1,700 people. RCP continues to expand into product categories where brand is important and customers value innovation.

Rubbermaid goods are synonymous with excellence, and they are available at UnoClean. Brooms and brushes; cube trucks; dusting tools; food-service-related products; housekeeping, janitorial, utility, and trade carts; cleaning products and mops; odor control products; platform and tilt trucks; safety signs; garbage bins; vacuums and sweepers; and more are offered here. At Rubbermaid, you get products that work better than the rest.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products are high-performing items that are developed and engineered to satisfy the particular needs of many different environments. You will find them in hospitals, hotels, sports stadiums, office buildings, restaurants, and airports around the world.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products is a manufacturer of innovative products for use in the commercial and institutional markets. RCP categories consist of food services, sanitary maintenance, waste handling, material transport, away-from-home washroom, and safety products.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products acquired United Metal Receptacle Products, a leading brand in decorative waste management, smoking management products and accessories for commercial facilities and Technical Concepts, a leading global provider of innovative restroom hygiene systems for several high-growth segments of the away-from-home ("AFH") washroom category. Technical Concepts’ products included touch-free and automated health, wellness and odor control solutions, as well as proprietary refills.

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