Food Service by Rubbermaid

Food Service Equipment from Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid offers a variety of next-generation innovation equipment that makes food preparation, transportation, and serving easier and safer.

A food tote box is a container that is often used in the foodservice industry for storing and transporting food items. Rubbermaid Tote Boxes are made of tough plastic and are lightweight, easy to clean, and resistant to impact and spill damage. They frequently have tight-fitting lids to keep food fresh, avoid contamination, and ensure safe transit. They are available in clear and white and in sizes ranging from 2 gallons to 21.5 gallons.

ProSave shelf-ingredient bins are specialty containers developed for use in industrial kitchens and catering venues. These bins are used to store dry goods such as flour, sugar, spices, cereals, and other similar items that are often used in cooking and baking. The ProSave shelf-ingredient bins include a lid design that allows for one-handed access to ingredients. The clear windows and included ingredient labels help to reduce uncertainty about the contents.

The ProSave Movable Ingredient Bin is a large-capacity bin with a compact, rectangular form that helps maximize space under the prep table and in the storeroom. A clear flip-open cover allows for quick identification of the contents. Food-code compliance is ensured by the integrated scoop and storage mechanism. Smooth-rolling casters provide movement.

Seating young kids and toddlers in restaurants is not an easy affair. The plastic Rubbermaid Sturdy Chair Youth Seat is ASTM, TUV, and European safety standard compliant. The no-tilt, no-pinch design provides peace of mind that your kids are safe in it. The adjustable, one-piece T-bar and safety harness comfortably secure older infants and toddlers. You can buy it with the Rubbermaid Sturdy Chair Microban Youth Seat Tray.

The Rubbermaid Bus/Utility Tote is a container used in the foodservice industry to collect and transport dirty dishes, silverware, and other items from dining areas to the kitchen for cleaning.

Rubbermaid food service equipment is a high-quality line of products designed for commercial kitchens, including food storage containers, ingredient bins, and utility carts. Made from durable materials such as plastic and stainless steel, these products are built to withstand the rigors of daily use in busy foodservice environments.

new generation of innovative equipment that makes preparing, transporting and serving food easier and more secure

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