The Best in Sweeping Technology from HAAGA

In 1969, Hermann Haaga founded the German company HAAGA as a mold-making and plastics processing business. A year later, the company began specializing in hand-guided sweepers. Later, they created rotating disc brushes, which they patented in 1974. This innovation raised the bar for sweeping technology and elevated HAAGA to the position of top sweeper producer. The company made the decision to solely concentrate on sweeping machines in 1989, and they have been developing and improving their products ever since.

The ground-breaking disk brush technology used in HAAGA sweepers, which is famous for its efficacy and toughness, eliminates the need for belts and tensioners. Sweepers are low-maintenance, easier to use, and require fewer repairs over time as a result of this innovative choice. The HAAGA iSweep technology used in the 400 and 600 series of sweepers is maintenance-free and belt-less with self-lubricating gears.

The HAAGA Sweepers are incredibly effective, easy to use, and maintenance-free cleaning tools that can be used on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, and natural stone. For industrial carpets, tiles, and linoleum surfaces, their adaptable design enables them to manage everything from fine dust to tiny and huge particles.

The adaptable HAAGA Sweepers may be used to rapidly and thoroughly clean a variety of hard surfaces in business settings. Cleaning parking lots, sidewalks, loading docks, warehouse floors, retail spaces, building construction sites, and manufacturing facilities is where they excel.

The HAAGA Push Power Sweeper has two front brushes that rotate in opposite directions to effectively collect debris right in front of the sweeper. The ability of the bottom brush roller to pick up microscopic particles aids in thorough cleaning. A substantial 13.2 gallon container is then used to put the collected trash in for easy disposal.

On the other hand, the HAAGA 477 Deluxe Push Power Sweeper has a turbo sweeping mechanism that enables twice as much cleaning force in a single motion. The sweeper is more effective thanks to this feature, which makes bigger cleaning jobs easier.

The HAAGA 497, 677, and 697 Push Power Sweepers are built for effective outdoor cleaning, and they include two revolving front brushes that can collect everything from cigarette butts to dead leaves. In just one motion, the turbo sweeping technology on the HAAGA 497 model can sweep twice. The HAAGA 677 and 697 models are very efficient battery-powered sweepers that are easy to operate and store.

When compared to using a broom, using a HAAGA sweeper can dramatically shorten your cleaning time—up to 80%, according to some estimations. They are therefore a great investment for companies wishing to boost cleaning productivity and efficiency.

HAAGA sweepers are unique disk brush technology-based cleaning devices that are incredibly effective and low-maintenance. They are a great option for a wide range of commercial locations, from parking lots and walkways to warehouse floors and construction sites, because of their adaptability and durability.

Haaga's mechanical floor sweeping machines are designed to pick-up all the filth directly in front of it. These high performance manual or electric sweepers can pick up dry or wet leaves, waste materials, fine dirt, cigarette butts, paper, grass, and more! The multi-use floor sweeper can be used on asphalt, concrete, tiling, and pavement.

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