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Hand Hygiene Solutions from Kutol

Kutol has been in business for more than a century and is family-owned and operated. It is known for making high-quality hand soaps, hand sanitizers, and dispensers for use in home and business settings. In the US and Canada, these products are used in educational institutions, dining establishments, healthcare facilities, and industrial settings. They have two main brands: Kutol Pro for robust hand care options and Health Guard for general-purpose products. In addition to their branded products, Kutol also offers private label and contract soap manufacturing. All of their products are produced at a facility that is registered with the FDA, just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. Kutol follows stringent government restrictions and current good manufacturing practices (cGMP). New formulas and packaging are only approved at Kutol after thorough testing and trials because of the company's commitment to quality. Modern computer-assisted work processes ensure that consumer and regulatory requirements are consistently met.

Kutol offers a comprehensive line of commercial skin care products for all hand care requirements. The Health Guard and Kutol Pro formulas, which range from mild all-purpose soaps to robust industrial scrubs, are designed to meet the needs of customers and end-users. By working with Kutol, you will have access to professionals in the hand care sector who are committed to offering top-notch goods and first-rate service.

Hand soaps, hand sanitizers, heavy-duty hand soaps and cleansers, antibacterial hand soaps, body and hair washes, shampoos, and moisturizing lotions and creams are just a few of the many hand hygiene products that Kutol carries. For maximum flexibility in any situation, dispenser options include wall mount, top fill, sink top, and portable options. Kutol Pro's flat top and pump gallon versions are perfect for challenging soils, including grease, paint, oil, and tar removal in industrial heavy-duty applications. To support all of their products, Kutol also provides a variety of accessories, including stands, brackets, trays, and liquid pumps.

A wall-mounted soap dispenser that can dispense both foam and liquid soaps is the EZ Hand Hygiene Manual Soap Dispenser from Kutol. It is the most popular option for public and commercial restrooms thanks to its modern style and distinctive top-dispensing feature. The EZ Hand Hygiene dispenser was initially designed for EZ Foam hand soaps, but it may also hold EZ Liquid Lotion soaps. Users can watch the product being dispensed, reducing the need for unnecessary extra pushes, and the innovative top-dispensing design ensures that there is no possibility of leaky valves. Given that most bag-in-box dispensers deliver 1.5 mL per activation, the EZ Hand Hygiene Manual Soap Dispenser, with 0.75 mL per activation, is a cost-effective option. The dispenser has dove gray and black finishes that go nicely with the majority of bathroom designs.

Kutol offers robust dispensing systems and hand hygiene solutions to meet any need. With an emphasis on quality and client satisfaction, Kutol is a trusted provider of hand hygiene solutions for any commercial or industrial situation. The EZ Hand Hygiene Manual Soap Dispenser is a dependable and efficient soap dispenser that maximizes hygiene and provides a wonderful user experience.

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