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Dial's roots can be traced back to the launch of a new deodorant soap in 1948 by Armour & Company, a Chicago-based meat processing company. Featuring AT-7, a newly developed germicide, it promised to eliminate more bacteria from the skin than its predecessors while also providing 24-hour protection. The innovative product was an instant hit, thanks to its deodorant effectiveness, pleasant clover-like fragrance, and eye-catching golden yellow color. Within a year of its introduction, Dial became America's top-selling deodorant soap brand, exceeding all expectations for demand.

Armour-Dial Inc. announced in 1966 that it would expand its product line to include aerosol cans and roll-on deodorants as well as shaving creams under the Dial brand. Thanks to Dial soap's strong sales, driven by magazine, radio, and television ads, Armour's consumer products business was established as Armour-Dial Inc. in 1967. The newly introduced Dial products, including a shampoo, were well-received, leading Greyhound Corporation to acquire Armour in 1970 and rebrand the consumer products division as Armour-Dial.

The construction of a new Dial soap production plant in Aurora, Illinois, was completed in 1971. The FDA raised concerns around the same time that one of the soap's germicidal components, hexachlorophene, was hazardous if not used correctly. However, researchers managed to find a safer alternative, and Dial continued to be a leading soap brand.

In 1971, Dial's headquarters were moved to Phoenix, Arizona. In 1985, Greyhound acquired Purex Industries, a laundry soap manufacturer, in the hopes of leveraging Armour-Dial's success to improve Purex's management. Two years later, Greyhound reorganized Armour-Dial into product lines, including a personal care division for bath and deodorant soaps and a new profitable product, Liquid Dial soap, and a household and laundry division for detergents and cleansers. In March 1990, the company changed its name to Greyhound Dial to differentiate it from the bus line, but soon after became The Dial Corp.

In late 1995, The Dial Corp announced its intention to split the company, resulting in the creation of a new Dial Corporation that would solely focus on the consumer business. The company relocated its corporate offices to Scottsdale, Arizona, near its long-standing research and development facility.

Henkel completed its acquisition of Dial in December 2003. In 2016, Henkel acquired laundry detergent manufacturer Sun Products. Later, in July 2017, Dial decided to move its headquarters from Scottsdale, Arizona, to Stamford, Connecticut, with the aim of consolidating its operations with Sun Products and being nearer to the parent company's (Henkel Corporation) North American headquarters in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. This consolidation resulted in the business being renamed Henkel North American Consumer Goods in 2018.

Over the years, Dial evolved through several ownership changes and product expansions before ultimately becoming part of Henkel North American Consumer Goods in 2018.

For more than seven decades, Dial has been a reliable brand that people in America have trusted to keep their skin clean. With a range of products including bar soap, body wash, liquid hand soap, and foaming hand wash, you can always depend on Dial to provide you and your family with a thorough cleaning experience. Count on Dial for a refreshing, clean feeling that lasts.

When it comes to the professional marketplace, Dial® is a known and trusted brand that inspires a special sense of comfort and confidence with businesses and consumers alike.

This preference for the Dial® brand extends to the away-from-home market as well, where the people who work in your facility, check into your hotel and visit your hospital are the same people using Henkel products in their own homes. They have come to rely on the consistent high quality of Dial's products, a standard they are proud to assure through their stringent product development and manufacturing processes.

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