Powdered Soap by Dial

Clean Hands, Clean Space: Dial's Powdered Hand Soaps

Say goodbye to tough grease and grime on your hardworking hands with Dial Corporation's Boraxo and TMT Powdered Hand Soaps. The 100-year-old Boraxo solution uses a special combination of high-quality soap and borax to gently brush away grime while being kind to your skin. The dual-action formula of TMT Powdered Hand Soap, which is constructed of soap and fine mesh borax, is ideal for work sites. Both soaps are high-quality cleaning solutions that won't damage fixtures or clog drains.

The Original Heavy Duty Powdered Hand Soap by Boraxo has been a trusted choice for over a century when it comes to effectively removing tough grease and grime from hardworking hands. Its special composition creates a combination that is both soft on hands and effective against filth by blending the cleaning strength of soap with the scrubbing power of borax. The dual-action hand soap is made from 75 percent fine mesh borax and 25 percent soap, providing a professional-grade cleaning solution for effective results. Not only is it recognized for its ability to gently scrub away the deepest grime, but it's also 100 percent soluble and safe in septic systems. This powdered hand soap won't clog drains or harm fixtures, and it doesn't contain phosphates.

DIAL-TMT Powdered Hand Soap is a tough and effective hand-cleaning solution for industrial work sites and other messy environments. Our hand soap is formulated with borax and soap, making it the perfect combination to dissolve grease and dirt quickly. This professional-grade hand soap has greater cleaning power than regular soaps and is made from 90% fine mesh borax and 10% soap. Also, it is completely soluble and free of phosphates.

With a commitment to quality and cleanliness, the professional-grade powdered hand soaps from Dial Corporation are perfect for tough work environments and won't harm fixtures or clog drains.

The original powdered hand soap, and still the industry leader. Dual action Boraxo® powder hand soap combines the scrubbing power of borax with the cleaning power of soap to easily dissolve grease and dirt when washing with water. All Boraxo® Powdered hand soaps are 100% soluble and safe in septic systems.

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