Hand Soap by Dial

Hand Soaps from Dial

Dial has a variety of hand soaps to suit every need.

Dial Deodorant Antibacterial Gold Bar Hand Soap promises round-the-clock odor protection and is America's most trusted and effective antibacterial bar soap for deodorant protection.

The Skin Care Bar Soap with Cocoa Butter deeply nourishes and hydrates your skin by retaining its natural moisture levels. Its mild formula makes it ideal for everyday use, and its pleasing fragrance provides a refreshing experience.

The Flex 800 Liquid Soap Dispenser is a white wall-mount dispenser with an 800 mL capacity. Flex 800 Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Refill pouches are available from Dial.

The Liter-Capacity Liquid Soap Dispenser is a push-type, ADA-compliant dispenser that can hold up to 1 liter of liquid soap.

The Liquid Soap for Sensitive Skin is a hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and extra-mild formula that provides broad-spectrum antimicrobial effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for healthcare workers.

The Antimicrobial Liquid Hand Soap (Gold) is formulated with Triclosan T, which kills a broad spectrum of bacteria and yeasts and contains emollients and skin conditioners for gentle yet effective cleansing.

The Complete Tabletop Antibacterial Hand Soap features a high-level, broad-spectrum, activated Triclosan formulation that helps to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

The Peach Body and Hair Shampoo is a pH-balanced formula that cleanses the entire body, keeps hair shiny and soft, and leaves skin soft and smooth due to added conditioners.

The Antimicrobial Healthcare Foaming Hand Soap features a Triclosan T formula with a foaming action that provides a soft, smooth, and refreshing feel.

The Basics Hypoallergenic Foaming Hand Wash is a gentle, dermatologist-tested lotion soap that is hypoallergenic and perfect for use in healthcare facilities, schools, offices, restaurants, daycare centers, and more.

The Boraxo Liquid Lotion Soap with a floral fragrance is a pH-balanced formula that cleans thoroughly, produces a thick and rich lather in seconds, remains gentle to the skin, and contains no phosphates.

The White Marble Hand & Body Lotion, with its deep-penetrating moisturizer, soothes and heals the skin, bringing back its youthful gentleness.

Dial offers a wide range of high-quality soaps, including antibacterial bar soaps, liquid hand soaps, and body washes, that provide effective and gentle cleansing while keeping you feeling fresh and confident all day long.

When it comes to the professional marketplace, Dial® is a known and trusted brand that inspires a special sense of comfort and confidence with businesses and consumers alike.

This preference for the Dial® brand extends to the away-from-home market as well, where the people who work in your facility, check into your hotel and visit your hospital are the same people using Henkel products in their own homes. They have come to rely on the consistent high quality of Dial's products, a standard they are proud to assure through their stringent product development and manufacturing processes.

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