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Advanced Cleaning Products from Dial

Dial is a cleaning solution brand from Henkel that offers a diverse range of solutions to meet all of your cleaning requirements. Dial has been trusted by millions of families throughout the world for its high-quality cleaning solutions due to its years of experience and knowledge. The Advanced Formula Lemon Liquid Cleanser and Hard Surface Cleaner with Bleach are available at UnoClean.

The Advanced Formula Lemon Liquid Cleanser is ideal for demanding cleaning chores that do not require the harshness of bleach. It effectively removes tough stains, soap scum, and mildew from hard surfaces using its micro-abrasive cleaning power without leaving any scratches. This multi-purpose cleaner is safe to use on a variety of surfaces, including pots and pans, counters, tubs and sinks, and even vinyl siding. It's also biodegradable and phosphate-free, making it an environmentally beneficial choice. It guarantees a hygienic and clean atmosphere for your family by using EPA-certified disinfectants. Use the Advanced Formula Lemon Liquid Cleaner for a spotless home!

The Hard Surface Cleaner with Bleach is ideal for demanding cleaning jobs. This effective solution eliminates stains, soap scum, and debris from a variety of hard surfaces without leaving any scratches. It is perfect for sinks, countertops, toilets, ceramic tile, and other applications. It is an EPA-registered disinfectant that keeps the environment hygienic and clean. With Dial's Hard Surface Cleaner with Bleach, you can have a gleaming clean house in no time.

Henkel Dial Cleaning Products are the ideal option for all of your cleaning needs. They successfully remove dirt, stains, and bacteria with their sophisticated formulations without damaging the surface. They use EPA-certified disinfectants to ensure a sanitary and clean environment for your family. Try these cleaning solutions today for unparalleled cleaning power!

When it comes to the professional marketplace, Dial® is a known and trusted brand that inspires a special sense of comfort and confidence with businesses and consumers alike.

This preference for the Dial® brand extends to the away-from-home market as well, where the people who work in your facility, check into your hotel and visit your hospital are the same people using Henkel products in their own homes. They have come to rely on the consistent high quality of Dial's products, a standard they are proud to assure through their stringent product development and manufacturing processes.

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