Can Liner and Trash Bag Holders

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"The Original Premium Elastic Trash Can Loops!"

BAND IT® Trash Can Loops with/Stay Put Holder (tm) (Patented USPTO)

Holds plastic trash liners up!!! 

Peal and stick adhesive attaches StayPut Holder (tm) with a strong bond to both metal and plastic containers

and it stays there to -20° F. !!

  • No more wasted can liners!
  • No more using over size trash bags!
  • No more tying knots to hold the can liner up!

Helps reduce injuries by cutting repetitive motion of tying bags, by half!!!

Easy to install can liner band and easy to use!

A varity of sizes and uses.

  • Office Can Liner Holder
  • Warehouse Trash Can Liner Bands
  • Manufacturing Can and Drum Liner Holder
  • Processing Plants Liners Holding Bands
  • Parks Trash Can Liners Holders
  • Hospital Laundry and Trash Liner Holders
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Housekeeper Carts
  • Restaurants
  • Marinas
  • Government and Military Buildings and Facilities
  • Exhibition Halls

Hold your liners securely in their containers with one of these can liner holders.

Revolutionize Your Waste Management with StayPut Holder™: The Ultimate Can Liner and Trash Bag Solution

Discover a game-changing solution for your waste management needs with the StayPut Holder™ – a revolutionary Can Liner and Trash Bag Holder that's set to transform the way you handle waste disposal. Say goodbye to the frustration of liners slipping or tearing and embrace the innovation that StayPut Holder™ brings to the table.

Hold Plastic Trash Liners Up with Ease!

Tired of dealing with trash liners that constantly slip down or fall into the bin? StayPut Holder™ is here to solve that problem once and for all. This ingenious solution is designed to securely hold plastic trash liners in place, ensuring a clean and efficient waste disposal experience every time.

Peel and Stick Adhesive for Hassle-Free Installation

Installing StayPut Holder™ is a breeze, thanks to its peel-and-stick adhesive feature. The adhesive creates a strong bond with both metal and plastic containers, ensuring a secure attachment that withstands the rigors of daily use. No need for complicated installation processes or additional tools – simply peel, stick, and experience the difference.

Exceptional Adhesion Even in Extreme Conditions

Worried about the adhesive losing its grip in extreme temperatures? StayPut Holder™ is engineered to defy expectations. Its adhesive stays put even in freezing temperatures, going as low as -20°F. Whether you're dealing with chilly winters or harsh industrial environments, StayPut Holder™ remains steadfast, providing reliable liner support when you need it the most.

Designed for Metal and Plastic Containers

StayPut Holder™ is a versatile solution that caters to both metal and plastic containers. The adhesive is formulated to create a secure bond on various surfaces, ensuring that the holder stays in place, regardless of the material of your waste container. This adaptability makes StayPut Holder™ the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Say Goodbye to Liner Slippage

For those who are tired of trash liners slipping off all the time, the StayPut Holder™ is revolutionary. After it is put in place, this holder securely holds the liner in place and keeps it from falling into the container. This saves you time and effort by streamlining the waste disposal process and maintaining a cleaner environment.

Versatility for Various Environments

Whether you're using StayPut Holder™ in your home, office, or industrial setting, its versatile design ensures optimal performance across different environments. From kitchen trash bins to heavy-duty industrial containers, StayPut Holder™ adapts to your specific needs, providing consistent liner support in every scenario.

Sustainable Solution for Improved Waste Management

StayPut Holder™ is a sustainable solution for better waste management, not just a convenient product. It reduces the need for double-bagging or wasting extra liners by keeping liners from slipping and tearing. This eco-friendly approach contributes to a more sustainable and cost-effective waste disposal strategy.

It concludes, experience the next level of waste management with StayPut Holder™. No more dealing with frustrating liner slippage or struggling to keep trash bags in place. StayPut Holder™ is the reliable, easy-to-install solution that transforms your waste disposal routine into a seamless and efficient process. Choose StayPut Holder™ today and revolutionize the way you handle Can Liners and Trash Bags. Say goodbye to liner woes and enjoy a cleaner, more organized space with StayPut Holder™ – where innovation meets efficiency in waste management.

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