Can Liner and Trash Bag Holders

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"The Original Premium Elastic Trash Can Loops!"

BAND IT® Trash Can Loops with/Stay Put Holder (tm) (Patented USPTO)

Holds plastic trash liners up!!! 

Peal and stick adhesive attaches StayPut Holder (tm) with a strong bond to both metal and plastic containers

and it stays there to -20° F. !!

  • No more wasted can liners!
  • No more using over size trash bags!
  • No more tying knots to hold the can liner up!

Helps reduce injuries by cutting repetitive motion of tying bags, by half!!!

Easy to install can liner band and easy to use!

A varity of sizes and uses.

  • Office Can Liner Holder
  • Warehouse Trash Can Liner Bands
  • Manufacturing Can and Drum Liner Holder
  • Processing Plants Liners Holding Bands
  • Parks Trash Can Liners Holders
  • Hospital Laundry and Trash Liner Holders
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Housekeeper Carts
  • Restaurants
  • Marinas
  • Government and Military Buildings and Facilities
  • Exhibition Halls

Hold your liners securely in their containers with one of these can liner holders.

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