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Everything from Crevice Tools, Dust Brushes, Upholstery Tools, Pipe Cleaners and Wands – UnoClean has the professional vacuum tool attachments to get the job done.

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ProTeam Upholstery Tools – Revitalize Your Space with Precision and Care

In the realm of professional cleaning, where every detail counts, ProTeam Upholstery Tools emerge as the unsung heroes in preserving and enhancing the beauty of upholstered surfaces. As part of UnoClean's comprehensive suite of professional vacuum tool attachments, these upholstery tools, alongside crevice tools, dust brushes, pipe cleaners, and wands, stand as indispensable instruments designed to elevate your cleaning standards and ensure every inch of upholstery is treated with precision and care. Explore the features that make ProTeam Upholstery Tools essential for achieving a pristine and revitalized space.

Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions: The UnoClean Advantage

UnoClean, a trailblazer in comprehensive cleaning solutions, offers ProTeam Upholstery Tools as integral components of a toolkit designed to cater to every cleaning need. From crevice tools for precision cleaning to dust brushes for delicate surfaces, pipe cleaners for targeted precision, and wands for extended reach – UnoClean ensures users have access to the professional vacuum tool attachments necessary for efficient and effective upholstery care.

Gentle Yet Effective Cleaning

ProTeam Upholstery Tools are renowned for their ability to provide delicate yet efficient cleaning. They are made to extract dirt, dust, and debris from upholstered surfaces without causing harm, so fabrics and furniture integrity are maintained.

Seamless Integration with ProTeam Vacuums

ProTeam Upholstery Tools are designed for seamless integration with various ProTeam vacuum models. This compatibility ensures a perfect fit, eliminating the need for users to struggle with mismatched components. ProTeam Upholstery Tools work harmoniously with existing equipment, providing a comprehensive cleaning solution.

Versatility in Upholstery Applications

ProTeam Upholstery Tools offer versatility in their applications, making them suitable for a range of upholstery cleaning tasks. From routine maintenance to deep cleaning, these tools excel in diverse scenarios, allowing users to address various upholstery care needs efficiently.

Durable Construction for Longevity

ProTeam Upholstery Tools are made to be durable and able to handle the rigors of commercial cleaning settings. These upholstery tools are made to last, so say goodbye to tools that break easily and provide a dependable solution for continuous cleaning duties.

Gentle Cleaning

ProTeam Upholstery Tools deliver gentle yet effective cleaning, preserving the integrity of furniture and fabrics.

Seamless Integration

Designed for seamless integration with ProTeam vacuum models, these tools offer compatibility and a perfect fit with existing equipment.


ProTeam Upholstery Tools are versatile, suitable for a range of upholstery cleaning tasks, from routine maintenance to deep cleaning.


Crafted for durability, these tools are built to withstand the challenges of professional cleaning environments, ensuring a long lifespan.

ProTeam and UnoClean: Elevating Upholstery Cleaning Standards

Leading provider of commercial cleaning solutions, UnoClean collaborates with ProTeam to raise the bar for upholstery cleaning; ProTeam Upholstery Tools, made accessible to customers via UnoClean, are the embodiment of this collaboration, giving users exacting instruments that satisfy the most exacting requirements for longevity, interoperability, and adaptability.

In conclusion, ProTeam Upholstery Tools are not just tools; they are precision instruments in the pursuit of upholstery cleaning excellence. With gentle yet effective cleaning, seamless integration, versatility, and durability, these tools redefine the upholstery cleaning experience. Elevate your cleaning routine with ProTeam Upholstery Tools from UnoClean – where precision meets care for superior upholstery revitalization.

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