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A wide variety of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies are available from Clift Industries, Inc., including disinfectants, surface cleaners, spill kits, and cleansers for oil stains. The family-owned business provides better efficacy while addressing environmental challenges with its cutting-edge, natural ingredient-based technology. Clift Inc. is a go-to supplier for industrial and commercial cleaning needs because of its spill kits and surface cleaners, which are simple to use, secure, and efficient.

A dry product called the Acid Eater Quik Response Acid Spill Kit is made to swiftly and effectively absorb and neutralize acid spills that result from battery leaks. It is the perfect option for facilities that require a dependable way to neutralize spilled acid because it comes with all necessary personal protective equipment and complies with OSHA Regulation 1910.178(g).

By neutralizing caustic compounds like sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide, the Base Eater Safety Spill Kit converts them into water and safe, non-toxic organic salts. Its liquid formulation makes use simpler and safer because it produces less gas and heat than powder formulations. The kit's pH indications make neutralizing spills easier by eliminating the need for pH strips or meters.

The Hydrofluoric Acid Eater Spill Kit was created specifically to neutralize hydrofluoric acid and convert it to water and harmless organic salts. The liquid solution is simpler and safer to use because it produces less gas and heat than powder versions. The package can be administered by spraying on vertical surfaces or pouring in difficult-to-reach regions, and pH indicators are included to make the process of neutralizing the acid easier.

A flexible option for neutralizing a number of hazardous compounds, such as acids, caustics, halogens, and solvents, is the Laboratory Safety Spill Kit. It includes pH indicators rather than pH meters or strips, just like the other kits, and uses a liquid recipe that produces less gas and heat than powder versions. Everything required to quickly and safely neutralize and clean up dangerous spills is included in the package.

The Mercury Eater Safety Spill Kit is an all-inclusive method for dealing with mercury spills in manufacturing facilities, laboratories, and other potential locations. This spill kit is equipped with everything needed to control harmful mercury vapors while neutralizing and absorbing mercury spills.

Another choice for swiftly and safely neutralizing different acids into non-toxic organic salts and water, lowering disposal costs and safety risks, is the Ultimate Acid Eater Safety Spill Kit.

The powerful BioRem-2000 Surface Cleaner is an aerosol cleaner that may be used for a variety of tasks, including emergency spill cleanup and mopping. The EPA has recognized it as a green product that is safe, non-toxic, and has cutting-edge qualities like super-cling foam and versatile use on many surfaces.

Oil stains can be quickly and successfully removed from a variety of surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, and pavers, with Oil Vanish Oil Stain Remover.

The Multi-Surface Disinfectant Cleaner efficiently cleans and disinfects commonly touched surfaces, leaving them residue-free and with a brilliant shine.

Various sectors can benefit from the large selection of premium cleaning and safety products offered by Clift Industries, Inc. Clift products offer efficient solutions for cleaning, disinfecting, and properly treating hazardous spills thanks to their cutting-edge ingredients and creative designs.

Clift Industries, Inc. provides innovative technologies to solve environmental and efficiency issues. They are a technology-based company that uses all-natural ingredients to deliver professional products to the customers.

In the past, sustainable products were safer or less toxic, but did not meet the wants and needs of users compared to traditional brands. There is a misconception that “green” and all-natural mean the same. There is a difference - "Green” products offer safer, less toxic ingredients but not all-natural ingredients.

Times have changed and so has the technology, as advances in scientific understanding and sustainable technologies have evolved to reach and surpass users’ expectations.

Assisting in restoring the health of your facility with safety spill responder Clean up products.

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