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Power Your Way to Impressive Floors with Mercury Floor Machines

Mercury Floor Machines has produced high-performance and long-lasting floor maintenance equipment for cleaners for over 50 years. With a dynamic and developing product line, it is committed to providing its customers with the best worldwide floor care solutions. They believe that the secret to long-term success is customer excellence, top-tier quality, and innovative value.

Mercury offers the "Best Warranty on the Planet" program and provides custom private labeling with minimal start-up orders. The consolidation of their current family of brands, now rebranded as Ultimate Solutions, or "Us," marks an exciting new era of growth for the company.

Ultimate Solutions is able to obtain products from its own factories all over the world while still maintaining the highest levels of quality and affordability. They are committed to giving their customers the greatest service and products available while empowering, altering, and liberating their clients' cleaning worlds at work.

The Boss Multi-Tasker Floor Machine, which is powered by a precision-balanced, extremely heavy-duty 1.5 HP 66-frame motor, is simple to use. Even the most difficult work can be handled by its triple-planetary high-torque gearbox. Its sturdy, polished, reinforced all-metal aprons are simple to clean and maintain, keeping the machine looking newer for longer. The Boss Multi-Tasker is a fleet of floor care equipment in one, perfect for facilities of any size.

For wood, stone, and concrete floors, the Hercules Sealed Sander is a great choice. Its sealed bearings shield the motor from dust, extending the machine's lifespan. The Hercules Sealed Sander is a dependable and long-lasting tool that is made in the United States. It has a sturdy all-metal structure and a 66-frame A/C sealed bearing motor.

The Ultra DC High-Speed Floor Burnisher is a great option for quick and affordable floor cleaning. The Ultra DC Burnisher produces a quicker, more durable, and brighter shine since it operates at a faster rate than slower buffers. Precision pad pressure is provided by its balanced all-metal chassis construction, and the interlock switch makes it simple to operate the machine.

Another potent choice for floor maintenance is the PRO-1500 Ultra High-Speed Burnisher. It is perfect for large facilities with high-traffic areas because of its precision-balanced, all-metal chassis and highly powered, D/C-rectified motor. It is a dependable and safe solution thanks to the interlocked safety switch, low profile, full-coverage bumpers, flexible and auto-centering pad holder, and completely adjustable handle.

The scrub pad driver is a low-riser design tool that has a high-density plastic clutch plate and a pad-stay poly-bristle surface. It is a crucial addition to any regimen for caring for floors, ensuring that floors are well-cleaned and maintained.

Mercury offers a variety of dependable and efficient floor care tools, including the Hercules Sealed Sander, Ultra DC High Speed Floor Burnisher, PRO-1500 Ultra High-Speed Burnisher, and the Boss Multi-Tasker Floor Machine. Professional cleaners all over the world rely on Mercury as a trusted and dependable partner because of its dedication to quality, innovation, and customer service.

The Mercury Floor Machines division of Ultimate Solutions has manufactured high durability and high performance floor machines for the professional cleaner for more than 50 years.

Mercury equipment takes pride in the fact that our high performance products are built to last in the United States!

Contractor's first choice for spray buffing, scrubbing, stripping, shampooing and bonnet cleaning. We offer seven (7) different models of floor machines and have a machine perfect for every job! New to the Mercury line is our One-Touch Dry Scrub Floor Machine for chemical-free, orbital dry scrubbing!


  • Easy Transport
  • Heavy-Duty Power
  • Highest Productivity
  • Precision Balanced Weight
  • Aggressive Cleaning


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