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The Boss Multi-Tasker Floor Machine - 175 RPM

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Your Price: $1,833.95
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  • Manufacturer:Mercury
  • Size:Adjustable: 13", 17", 21"

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Item Description:

The Boss Multi-Tasker Floor Machine


  • Includes Bristle-Style Pad Drivers: 12", 16" and 20"
  • Warranty: 5 Years on Motor, Gearbox and Chassis
  • Labor warranty is covered for 1 year from the date of purchase.
  • Powered by a precision-balanced, super heavy-duty 1.5 HP 66-frame motor for easy operation.
  • Three interchangeable aprons with one base machine gives you a fleet of floor care machines for a range of tasks in any size facility.
  • The triple-planetary high torque transmission handles the most demanding jobs.
  • Strong, all-metal polished reinforced aprons. Easy to clean and look newer, longer!
  • All metal chassis gives added weight for a faster, longer lasting and brighter shine.
  • Safety-enhanced interlock switch on the handle leaves both hands conveniently in control. Safety-enhanced, non-conductive dual triggers on the handle eliminate shock potential.
  • 48" tall handle is fully adjustable and is comfortable for all operators.
  • Non-marking, super-thick bumper protects walls and baseboards.
  • Includes 6" non-marking, fixed operating wheels for easy transport.
  • Includes (1) 50-foot ,14/3-gauge safety power cord. Motor plugs into cable at the base of the handle for easy maintenance.
  • Includes three interchangeable aprons: 13", 17" and 21", non-marking aprons with full wrap bumpers. Aprons mount with three easy-to-change thumb screws.
  • Includes three matching pad drivers: 12", 16" and 20" pad drivers with B/92 style clutch plate.
  • Includes Unicorn Weight Kit: add up to 50 extra pounds of pressure for a comprehensive stone and marble floor restoration program.
  • Includes 4-Gallon Solution Tank: for productive wet cleaning.


  • Model: BMT-175
  • Brush Speed: 175 RPM
  • Motor Type 1.5 HP A/C Rectified
  • Apron Sizes: 13", 17" and 21" with Easy Thumb Screw Mount
  • Pad Driver Sizes: 12", 16" and 20" with B/92 Style Clutch Plate
  • Brush Drive: Universal Clutch
  • Chassis: Polished Aluminum
  • Wheels: 6" Non-Marking, Fixed Operating Wheels
  • Unicorn Weight Kit: Includes (5) 10 lb. Weights with Mounting Shaft
  • Solution Tank: Includes 4-Gallon Polyethylene Molded Tank with Chemical-Resistant Hose to Deliver Solution through Apron to Floor
  • Weight: 175 lbs

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