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High-Performance Cleaning Equipment from Mastercraft

The journey of Mastercraft started in 1946 when the founder, Mr. Harry Goldberg, envisioned a growing demand for durable, high-grade cleaning tools and attachments to assist institutional cleaning and floor care professionals in making their jobs simpler and more cost-effective. Mr. Goldberg's vision was soon realized with the launch of a full range of high-performance floor care and cleaning equipment from Mastercraft to make janitorial work more accessible and safer and turn mundane cleaning activities into pleasurable experiences. For the next 76 years, Mastercraft has followed along this path, and today, for facility maintenance specialists, any Mastercraft equipment represents the pinnacle of quality, durability, and cost savings. It allows them to complete their job to the fullest cleaning potential in a simple way. The Mastercraft brand is available throughout the world through a global distribution network. It is well-known among cleaning and floor care suppliers, professionals and facility maintenance specialists, and equipment operators worldwide.

Today, the Mastercraft brand is a privately held third-generation-managed family business that runs under Onfloor Technologies LLC, a MastercraftUSA subsidiary. It operates from 100,000 and 28,000-sq ft facilities in Newburgh, New York. Mastercraft manufactures and markets a wide range of high-performance, long-lasting floor care products such as floor machines, burnishers, specialty floor sanders, grinders, polishers for wood, concrete, and stone floor resurfacing, automatic scrubbers, carpet extractors, and a wide range of commercial, industrial, and specialty vacuum solutions.

Thousands of facilities worldwide use Mastercraft brand commercial and industrial-grade cleaning equipment, including those in the government, military, municipal, healthcare, educational, and institutional sectors. Cleaning specialists and contractors enjoy the dependability, uptime, flexibility, and modular updating of their cleaning supplies that Mastercraft provides. They adore the Mastercraft brand because these features assist them regularly through particular applications and cleaning operations, making their life easier. Furthermore, Mastercraft delivers excellent after-sales service. Mastercraft's team is always answering calls to meet professionals' floor care and cleaning demands. Mastercraft's goal is to be the leading provider of professional products for a cleaner environment.

    You will get a whole range of Mastercraft cleaning equipment at UnoClean:
  • Automatic Scrubbers - Automatic scrubbers are versatile and adaptable tools for maintaining hard floor surfaces, lowering labor requirements, and greening the cleaning process.
  • Backpack Vacuums - Backpack vacuums are a piece of excellent and efficient cleaning equipment for large areas and activities requiring a lot of mobility. They may help you save time and effort by easily reaching and cleaning difficult-to-reach nooks and surfaces.
  • Carpet Care - Carpet cleaning equipment is easy to use and maneuver. It removes entrenched dirt and debris, leaving carpets clean and groomed, particularly in large carpeted areas.
  • Floor Machines - The ability of floor machines to quickly and efficiently clean and polish huge expanses of flooring is its principal advantage. They can cover a large area rapidly, and their revolving brushes or pads aid in cleaning and polishing the floor to a high gloss.
  • Vacuums - Vacuum cleaners aid in cleaning by sucking dirt, dust, and debris from surfaces into a removable container or bag. Vacuums with HEPA filters can remove 99.97% dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and smog particles from the air.
  • Floor Sweepers - An electric motor usually powers these. They come equipped with rotating brushes that agitate the dirt and debris before sweeping it into a collection bin or bag.
  • Attachments, Accessories, and Replacement Parts - OEM parts like pads, brushes, holders, and drivers are available for all Mastercraft equipment. Replacement bags and filters are also available. You can order replacement parts by calling 1-888-226-2724 if they are unavailable on the website.

Unoclean carries a full line of Mastercraft high-performance floor care and cleaning equipment for cleaning professionals. They represent the epitome of quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Parts & Accessories

For more than 60 years Mastercraft followed the guiding principle of its founder by manufacturing and marketing a full range of high performance floorcare and cleaning equipment that represents the utmost in quality, durability and cost savings for the end-user professionals.

Mastercraft continues to manufacture and market a full range of high-performance, durable floorcare products including floor machines, burnishers, specialty floor; sanders, grinders, and polishers for wood, concrete and stone floor resurfacing, automatic scrubbers, carpet extractors and a full range of commercial, industrial and specialty vacuum solutions.

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