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Taking Care of Your Planet with GreenTech Environmental

In Johnson City, Tennessee, GreenTech Environmental was established in 2009 and is now a well-known supplier of air filtration equipment. Due to his mother's encounter with environmental ailments, Allen Johnston, Founder, and CEO of GreenTech Environmental, has made it a personal mission to advance green technology. GreenTech launched with purePower: a whole-home energy management and protection system, in April 2009.

GreenTech Environmental now has a global network of satellite offices in addition to its world headquarters in East Tennessee after ten years of profitable product launches and sales growth. Presently, the business exports more than 50 distinctive goods to more than 20 different countries, enhancing the health and happiness of millions of those affected by environmental problems.

Keeping your air clean and fresh is essential for good health. GreenTech Environmental Air Cleaning Systems work by reducing the risk of COVID-19 and similar epidemics, reducing VOCs (volatile organic compounds), allergens such as pollen and pet dander, and other irritants. The improved indoor air quality will also improve individuals' cognitive performance and productivity.

GreenTech Environmental's photocatalytic oxidation technology in air purifiers activates a catalyst that converts water vapor into peroxide and hydroxyls with UV energy, destroying microbes. It transforms moisture into a cleansing vapor and keeps the air you breathe free from impurities.

ODOGard®'s patented technology of GreenTech Environmental Products chemically and physically transforms odor molecules to become odorless. This technology helps remove a broad spectrum of odors in the air and on surfaces without using ozone.

Depending on how their charges are aligned, magnets either pull something together or push something apart. GreenTech's Bipolar Ionization works the same way. The electrical charges interact with particles like dust, and the ions drag particles together until they are too heavy to remain in your breathing space and fall to the ground.

You can get rid of allergens, smoke, and more with high-efficiency particulate arrestance filters from GreenTech Environmental. Their HEPA filters are the most popular and well-known type of filter that can trap many particles in the air. These filters make the perfect choice for different environments, such as hospitals, schools, office buildings, and more!

Are you thinking about going green? Luckily, GreenTech Environmental is here to help. With their products, you can make your home the healthiest by eliminating pollutants you didn't even know existed. It's like your own electronic housekeeper that never gets tired or calls in sick. Just charge the unit and start it up; it will function without a glitch. So switch from toxic chemicals to their patented, eco-friendly products today! With more than ten years of experience, be assured that GreenTech Environmental will take care of your needs with their wide range of air purifiers, laundry purifiers, heaters, fans, & more.

GreenTech Environmental offers eco-friendly cutting-edge HVAC systems and technologies for residential and commercial use. Experience their powerful technology firsthand with the variety of high-quality products they offer.

GreenTech Environmental is committed to helping you take care of our planet by offering sustainable solutions to environmental issues.

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