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HVAC and Industrial Continuous Air Purification Systems from Greentech

Are you dissatisfied with the central air conditioning's air quality? Try out the pureAir HVAC, an in-duct air purifier for HVAC systems. An easy-to-use filtration solution for homes, businesses, and other public spaces, this air purifier for HVAC systems is fitted into the central air conditioning ductwork and is customized for your purification needs. It does not function as a passive filter that merely filters the air as it travels through it. This device employs photocatalytic oxidation and bipolar ionization, two cutting-edge technologies used by NASA to filter the air. This purifier system uses electrical charges to remove pollen and dander from the air. With this technology, pet, cooking, and smoking odors are reduced, while those from bacteria, mold, and mildew are eliminated.

The Internal Mount Air Purification is best for you if you have wall-mounted air conditioning at your residence. This simple-to-use space purification solution is fitted within wall-mounted air conditioning systems and removes air-borne pollutants.

Overwatch from Greentech offers continuous purification for all kinds of huge commercial environments using photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology. You can pick from four options the one that suits you the best.

1) The stainless steel unit is suitable for usage in environments where water cleansing and rinsing are necessary and is recommended for food storage, warehouses, and processing facilities. With Overwatch, your flowers, fruits, veggies, and meats will receive the hygienic atmosphere they deserve!

2) The roll-around device is extremely portable and features an elegant aluminum shell. It lessens odors from sources including pets, mold, and smoke embedded in rugs and upholstery, as well as those in the air. It's not just good for you and your loved ones, and it's good for your co-workers and patients as well!

3) The coated aluminum unit is water-resistant and simple to maintain. It is suspended from the building ceiling and is simple to install. Overwatch can be used to maintain a cleaner atmosphere for meats, fruits, vegetables, and flowers in food processing facilities, food warehouses, nurseries, and greenhouses!

4) When it comes to food processing, preparation, storage, and transportation, pureAir OMNI from Greentech excels at reducing odors. It enhances the shelf-life of food goods by cleansing food contact areas.

Greentech HVAC and Industrial Continuous Air Purification Systems are the routes to fresh-smelling and clean environments that enhance your products' shelf-life!

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