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Enjoy Clean and Healthy Air Anywhere with GreenTech Portable Air Purification

Do you want your living space to be as clean and healthy as possible but don't want to be tied down to an otherwise noisy, bulky, and inconvenient purifier? Check out the new Portable Air Purifier from GreenTech Environmental that gives you the best of both worlds: a compact, lightweight design that's still quiet and effective, as well as a personal space purifier that doesn't take up any space at all in your home!

The Greentech PureAir SOLO air purifier shields you from airborne pollutants with silent fanless ionization. This portable air purifier produces ions with a density of 50 million per cubic centimeter and a wind speed of 90 feet per minute using a solid platinum permanent emitter and stainless steel collectors that have been gold-plated. Using ion-based active air technology, the SOLO creates a three ft. clean-air zone, or bubble, reducing your exposure to germs and pollutants.

The pureAir SOLO is a travel-size air purifier that is slim, lightweight, and portable. With a 28-hour battery life and the ability to recharge via USB, you can use this device whenever and wherever you need it most. The device features a convenient neck cord to wear around your neck while you are on the go. Stay healthy and happy when visiting others by removing pet dander, perfumes, and colognes with this portable air purifier.

It's time to step up your game and start using GreenTech pureAir SOLO to reduce the number of allergens, pollutants, and other microscopic irritants in your environment. Its compact size and ergonomic design make it a perfect addition to any travel bag, car, or office.

Greentech PureAir portable air purifiers provide you with your personal breathing zone.

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