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Malish Diamabrush Tools for High-Quality Floor Cleaning

Transform your hardwood floors with the Diamabrush Hardwood Preparation Tool! This diamond-cutting tool removes polyurethane, glue, and carpet adhesives. Its sharp cutting points remain intact throughout the tool's life for a professional-looking finish. With replaceable blades that make it easy to switch out worn or used blades, you'll never have to worry about wasting money on changing sandpaper again. Plus, it comes in sizes ranging from 12 to 16 inches, so you can always find the right fit for your needs.

Get ready to say goodbye to harsh chemicals and heavy grinding equipment! With the Diamabrush Mastic Removal Tool, you can eliminate concrete coatings quickly and safely. Our unique diamond-coated blades can take on mastic and other coatings without additional tools or hazardous materials. With its diamond-coated blades, it'll get rid of hard-to-remove coatings. You can use water to eliminate dust and flush debris away, and with replaceable blades, you won't have to wait for downtime, quickly loosen two screws and replace them!

Are you looking for a powerful and efficient way to prepare concrete? Look no further than the Diamabrush Concrete Preparation Tool! Our 25 or 100-diamond grit is bonded to a metallic backing and assembled to flexible steel spring blades, ensuring maximum effectiveness as you use the tool.

Get the polished floors of your dreams with Diamabrush Polymer Blades! Our blades have 100-2000 grit finishes to quickly and easily polish any floor type. The flexible design ensures that the diamond stays in contact with the surface, giving you professional-looking results every time.

You can also check out the Diamabrush replacement polymer blade kits, concrete metal blade kits, mastic removal blade kits, wood blade kits, and polymer blade retainers of various sizes from Unoclean.

Get your floors feeling like new again with the Malish Diamabrush Tools! Our state-of-the-art technology quickly and safely removes paint, epoxy coatings, adhesives, and more.

Diamabrush™ is revolutionizing the professional and do-it-yourself ("DIY) floooring resurfacing industry. These tools can be used across the entire spectrum of flooring applications, including hardwood, concrete, terazzo, and other stone surfaces. No need for heavy equipment or harmful chemicals.

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