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Palmer Fixture: Over 100 Years of Providing the Best Dispensing Systems

Since 1907, Palmer Fixture has been a renowned name in supplying reliable dispensing systems. We take pleasure in providing the most affordable and value-added solutions available and are steadfast in our commitment to our customers. We consistently broaden our product selection to better serve our customers, with anything from conventional metal crank dispensers to cutting-edge touchless solutions.

Most of our items are produced in the USA and are subject to stringent quality control procedures. Palmer Fixture has sustained a global reputation for product excellence via intensive research and development. With every product we provide, we work to make your life cleaner, greener, and more hygienic.

Our roll towel dispensers are available in manual and touchless options, including the Impress Lever Roll Towel Dispenser and Electronic Touchless Roll Towel Dispenser, in black and white.

The Impress Lever Roll Towel Dispenser is the perfect compact solution for all your paper towel needs. With the ability to hold full-size roll towels, this dispenser offers optional "lever stops" to reduce sheet length and a stub roll feature to minimize paper waste. Additionally, an optional hygienic lever extension is available for hands-free operation.

The Electronic Hands-Free Roll Towel Dispenser is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to reduce paper towel consumption and costs. With adjustable paper lengths of 9 in., 12 in., and 15 in. and time delays of 1, 2, or 3 seconds, this dispenser offers maximum options and customization. Additionally, its patented paper-saving mode reduces paper towel consumption by 12 to 15 percent.

The roll tissue dispensers, including the Twin Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser, are designed to provide maximum efficiency. The twin 9-inch jumbo roll tissue dispenser is the ultimate universal solution for all brands of 9-inch jumbo roll tissue with a 3 3/8-inch core. Its sliding panel ensures the use of one roll at a time, while the double-latch lock prevents theft and waste. Additionally, the translucent cover enables easy detection of low paper supplies.

Our touchless hand dryers, such as the BluStorm Touchless Hand Dryer, offer a hygienic and efficient way to dry hands. The stainless steel BluStorm touchless hand dryer is the ultimate solution for fast and efficient hand drying. With a 10-15 second dry time and a decibel rating of 77 +/-3 dB, this hand dryer provides a 95% cost savings versus paper towels.

The hands-free operation ensures that the BluStorm touchless hand dryer remains hygienic and easy to use, while its sleek stainless steel design makes it perfect for any restroom. With its fast and efficient drying capabilities, this hand dryer is the perfect solution for any high-traffic area. With a range of options available, we are sure to have a product to meet your specific needs.

At Palmer Fixture, we are dedicated to providing solutions that work for you. We continue to be a leader in the industry, always working on new products and ways to better serve our customers. Trust Palmer Fixture to provide the best dispensing systems for your needs.

For over 100 years, Palmer Fixture has been committed to providing the most competitive value-added dispensing systems available on the market. Palmer Fixture offers a variety of items from the classic metal crank dispensers to high-tech automatic, hands-free dispensers and hand dryers.

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