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Clean Environments with Automatic Scrubbers, Carpet Care Equipment, and Commercial Vacuums from Minuteman

Keeping your establishment clean and safe for employees and customers is your responsibility, and you want to ensure everything is correct here. Trips, slips, and fall accidents happen too often and can be quite expensive for your company. Purchasing industrial floor cleaning equipment would be the best way to avoid this problem. These devices may appear pricey initially, but they ultimately prove economical.

Minuteman is aware of your requirements and the stress you are under to maintain a clean and secure environment. It has developed creative and economical ways that will increase the productivity of your cleaning. You will find a wide range of floor-cleaning equipment at Minuteman, including commercial vacuums, automatic scrubbers, and carpet care tools.

Automatic Scrubbers The E Line automatic scrubber machines are part of Minuteman's brand-new, innovative walk-behind scrubber series. With their cutting-edge technology and creative green cleaning capabilities, these scrubbers are all set to revolutionize how you clean floors. These robust, simple-to-use machines simultaneously increase cleaning output and dry and clean floors. These machines are easy to maneuver and operate, saving your company money and time. The Carpet Shark is another game-changer that quietly and thoroughly removes dirt and other debris from your carpet. Small scrubbers called the Port A Scrub 12 and 14 can fit in places other scrubbers cannot. The EZ 360° mop is a mop-and-scrubber hybrid tool that removes unsightly dirt buildup in challenging-to-clean places with excellent agility.

Carpet Care Equipment When your carpets need more than basic upkeep, our carpet care tools can help repair and recover them. With the help of our powerful machinery, which includes rider carpet extractors and spot removers, you can bring your carpets to like-new condition. At Minuteman, you can get trustworthy, effective carpet maintenance solutions for every size and kind of carpet. The path sizes for Minuteman vacuums range from 13" to 30" dimensions. From the convenience of a backpack to the efficacy of a large area, you will get a vacuum to meet your needs.

Commercial Vacuums: You will get the greatest vacuum floor cleaning solutions for commercial, institutional, healthcare, and hospitality sectors at Minuteman. Because of their low noise levels, almost indestructible construction, ease of use, and range of tool possibilities, these industrial vacuums have found great popularity. They come in a variety of sizes.

While the Minuteman Pneumatic Vacuum Series can lift and move a wide range of solid or liquid objects, Clean Room Vacuums are designed to handle surface contaminants. Asbestos, lead, mold, mercury, nuclear waste, and other potentially hazardous materials are safely trapped and contained by the Critical Filter Vacuum Systems. In contrast, the Minuteman Explosion Proof Vacuum collects hazardous materials like flammable liquids, finely ground dust, and more. The Hazardous Material Vacuums find it useful to confine hazardous material and stop it from escaping into the environment. The Mercury Removal Vacuums carbon filter removes harmful mercury vapors during cleanup. The Minuteman Pump-Out Vacuums are made to collect significant amounts of water due to flooding or floor stripping projects. You can select a vacuum from our inventory that will meet your needs.

Minuteman Equipment & Machine Accessories: If your equipment needs replacement, we do not leave you high and dry. We have many equipment-specific parts; some are not listed on the website. If you do not find what you're looking for, please phone 1-224-654-6500.

Minuteman Manuals, Schematics & Parts Lists: All details about the equipment you purchase will be found in the parts and instruction manual.

Your cleaning programs will operate more effectively and successfully with the aid of contemporary cleaning gear from Minuteman.

Minuteman Cleaning Equipment, Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Solutions

Minuteman is a well known Brand in the Commercial Cleaning industry - providing the most up to date and innovative technology. Commercial Cleaning Equipment includes scrubbers, sweepers, floor machines, burnishers, carpet extractors, vacuums, and critical filter vacuums that are sure to meet any commercial cleaning need. Cleaning products designed for comfort and ease of operation for any user.

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