Hazardous Material Vacuums by Minuteman

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Eliminate the Danger and Risk of Improper Handling of Hazardous Materials With Minuteman Hazardous Material Vacuums

A hazardous materials vacuum is used to handle dangerous material collections using compressed air to eliminate the possibility of sparks during motor operation. Check out Minuteman Hazardous Material vacuum selection that consists of lead, asbestos, chromium, hazardous material tank, biohazard, mercury recovery, flammable liquid, and explosion-proof vacuums.

  • MicroVac Multi-Purpose H.E.P.A. Dry Canister Vacuums with a polyethylene tank are non corrosive and dent-proof, carrying a 10-year warranty. H.E.P.A. filter is 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns and tested per IEST-RP-CC007 standards.
  • Minuteman 290 Series Single Motor Vacuums constructed of durable polyethylene are virtually indestructible. The patented self-sealing intake ensures a positive vacuum seal while allowing the hose to swivel.
  • Lead Vac ULPA Dry Canister Vacuums are used to recover lead, dust, paint chips, and other hazardous materials. These conventional vacuum cleaners exhaust unseen lead particles back into the environment, compounding the existing hazards.
  • With an efficiency rating of 99.999% for particles 0.12 microns, the X829/X839 Vacuums are particularly useful for cleanup after insulation operations on pipes, in removing the asbestos-covered ceiling and wall material, and for vehicle maintenance procedures involving brakes, clutches, and other asbestos-containing materials.
  • The Bio-Haz Vacuums are ideally suited to remove and contain "Anthrax" dust and viral particulate collection. 
  • Hospital Critical Filter H.E.P.A. Wet/Dry Canister Vacuums collect and contain fungal, biological, lead, mold, asbestos, bacterial, or any other infectious material with a stage filtration system. These vacuums include a filter protector, washable cloth filter, pre-filter, and H.E.P.A. filter.
  • The 705-15 Minuteman Vacuum Series uses compressed air and the venturi principle to create a vacuum of exceptionally high flow and static lift. These vacuums can lift or move various solid or liquid materials.

Minuteman range of Hazardous Materials Vacuums is designed to clean up dangerous materials efficiently.⁣⁣ Find many sizes and configurations of these vacuums from Unoclean for safety trapping and containing potentially hazardous materials.

Minuteman offers many sizes and configurations of Critical Filter Vacuum Systems for safely trapping and containing asbestos, lead, mold, mercury, nuclear waste, and other potentially hazardous materials. Minuteman Critical Filter Vacuums are the safest and most reliable way to collect contaminants. Each model contains multiple stages of filtration up to 99.999%, efficient at .12 microns.

These Hazardous Material Vacuums are approved for use in Class I (ISO3) clean rooms, electronic assembly areas, laboratories, nuclear power plants, hospitals or wherever there is a need to contain hazardous material and prevent its escape into the environment.

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