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When your carpets are subjected to high foot traffic, you must take good care of them to ensure their longevity. Not only do they need basic upkeep, but they'll also need ongoing repair and recovery. Our carpet cleaning tools will restore your carpet's youthful appearance. Your carpets will be repaired so they seem brand new with our robust equipment, which includes spot and rider carpet extractors.

One advantage of a floor cleaner designed for commercial use is the capacity to keep a carpet from matting down. These cleaners precisely and automatically spray carpet cleaning solutions to maintain the original appearance. Don't stress over your carpet's size or construction. You may obtain dependable and efficient carpet maintenance solutions at Minuteman for any carpet with path sizes ranging from 13" to 30" dimensions.

The Ambassador is a vacuum cleaner that, in a single pass, sprays cleaning solution over the carpet, scrubs it thoroughly with a brush, and then vacuums up the water. The X17 with a 17" cleaning path features a robust structure and a long machine life and is ideal for use in offices, schools, hospitality, and malls. The Gotcha! is a portable cleaner that can be easily moved between jobs on its 4" wheels or carried by the user, thanks to the convenient carrying strap or built-in handle.

For regions prone to heavy wear, the Phenom brush removes dirt that adheres to the individual carpet fibers and offers an optimal cleaning result. The Kleen Sweep 28 is ideal for cleaning hard surfaces or carpeted floors in business buildings or institutions if you're searching for a compact sweeper. We have carpet cleaning equipment for every circumstance, so whatever features you are looking for in a carpet cleaner, you will undoubtedly find it here.

Regularly clean your carpets and keep them presentable and sanitary with high-performance carpet care equipment from Minuteman.

Minuteman offers restorative and recovery carpet cleaning machines. From spot removal to rider carpet extractors, these machines can make dirty carpets look new again.

Minutman vacuums range from a 13” path up to a 30” path. From the convenience of a back pack to the efficiency of a wide area, there is a vacuum for your needs.

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