Explosion Proof Vacuums by Minuteman

Protect Your Family and Community with Explosion-Proof Vacuums from Minuteman

Explosion Proof Vacuums from Minuteman are designed to clean up hazardous and toxic dust of all types. These vacuums with 22-gauge, non-sparking stainless steel tanks have 3 inches of static-conductive casters and 8 inches of static-conductive rear wheels. The U.L.P.A. filter is standard on four models of this series and is 99.999% efficient at 0.12 microns. The explosion-proof vacuum is designed to operate on 115 volts, 15 amp, 60 hertz A.C. circuits. These heavy-duty electric vacuums work wet or dry in Class I, Group D, and Class II, Group F, and G atmospheres. Vacuums like these are ideal for picking up flammable liquids, finely pulverized dust, and other hazardous materials.

This equipment is rated explosion-proof and dust ignition-proof only in the below-mentioned atmospheres. Gasoline, methane, methanol, octane, pentane, petroleum, propane, turpentine, and vinyl chloride are the gasses included in Class I, Group D atmospheres. The Class II Group F atmospheres contain carbon, charcoal, coke, or coal dust. The Class II Group G atmospheres contain flour, starch or grain, or combustible dust with a resistivity of 108 ohm-centimeter or greater.

The Class I locations where these explosion-proof vacuums are mainly used are petroleum refining facilities, dip tanks containing flammable or combustible liquids, plants manufacturing organic coatings, spray finishing areas, and petroleum dispensing areas. Additionally, they are suitable for locations manufacturing pyroxylin or other plastics, inhalation anesthetics, utility gas plants, storage and handling of liquified petroleum and natural gas, aircraft hangars, and fuel service centers.

Class II locations where these vacuums are used are grain elevators, bulk handling facilities, starch, flour, feed mills, sugar and cocoa processing plants, spice grinding facilities, and confectionery factories.

Keeping your workplace and home safe from hazardous dust is easier than you think! All you need is an explosion-proof vacuum from Minuteman.

Th Minuteman Explosion Proof / Dust Ignition Proof Vacuums are developed for use in Class I Group D, and Class II Group F&G Atmospheres. Ideal for pick-up of hazardous material such as flammable liquids, finely pulverized dust and more.

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