Pump-Out Vacuums by Minuteman

Minuteman Pump Out Vacuums Cleans up Liquids Without the Mess

The Minuteman Pump Out Vacuums work best when non-flammable liquids need to be quickly recovered and disposed of. The pump-out vacuums, which come with a 15 or 20-gallon tank, have an automatic float shutoff that cuts off airflow to prevent tank overflow. They are perfect for large-scale floor stripping operations and recovering flood water.

Let us check out some of the Pump Out Vacuums from Minuteman below. Although specifically designed for asbestos particles, the X-829 series vacuum also effectively filters other airborne pollutants like cement, foundry and kiln dust, insecticides, fertilizer dust, coal dust, and many others. Designed with U.L.P.A filters that are 99.999% efficient, these vacuums with a self-sealing intake ensure a positive vacuum seal.

The 705 Minuteman Vacuum Series uses compressed air and the venturi principle to create a vacuum of exceptionally high flow and static lift. They are designed with stainless steel or electrostatically applied painted tanks and are perfect for areas where standard voltage is unavailable. These vacuum pumps do not have any moving parts, motors, or switches to replace and can be silenced down as low as 80 dba. The package includes a lid assembly, bag assembly, adapter assembly, tank assembly, dump valve, and dolly cart. They can fill a 55-gallon barrel with liquid in less than 35 seconds.

The X250 Series Pump-out Vacuums with a 55-gallon capacity deliver high airflow for fast and effective recovery of various wet and dry materials. The Twin motor vacuums are equipped with powerful Ametek-Lamb motors, and the H.E.P.A filters meet military and ANSI applications. The industrial dolly, cart, and dump valve make it easy to transport and empty these vacuums.

The Minuteman Pump Out Vacuums are the fastest and most efficient way to clean up non-flammable liquids. These pump-out vacuums are ideal for most applications because they self-empty into toilets, small floor drains, and waste-high sinks.

Minuteman Water Pump-Out Vacuums designed for recovering large amounts of water as a result of flooding or floor stripping applications. All vacuums are equipped with an automatic float shut-off which shuts off air flow to eliminate tank overflow. Easy to use self-emptying plug for quick draining.

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