Compressed Air Vacuums by Minuteman

Compressed Air Vacuums from Minuteman

You may find compressed air vacuums at Minuteman that are excellent for various markets and applications. They are great for recovering dust, gravel, powder, and liquids because of their sturdy build for vacuum cleanup.

The Minuteman Pneumatic Vacuum Series produces an unusually high flow and static lift vacuum using compressed air and the venturi concept. They generate a vacuum without a mechanical vacuum pump by passing compressed air through a specific nozzle. These vacuums provide a wide range of lifting and moving capabilities for solid and liquid items.

These wet and dry vacuum cleaners may clean liquids and solids like dry dust, powder, and other particles. You'll save time and money using a single vacuum cleaner instead of many cleaning tools. Simply attach the vacuum cleaner to any air pipe in your factory's air compressor system to begin cleaning. Since these vacuum cleaners only need compressed air to function, they are perfect for locations without access to conventional voltage. Because of this, it can be used in various explosive hazardous areas. In addition, there aren't any moving elements to generate friction or a spark. They incur fewer failures and require little maintenance because no motors or switches need to be replaced.

This pneumatic vacuum cleaner is a good and cost-effective buy because it will last you for a very long time. This silent pneumatic vacuum cleaner can work in a low noise setting since the silence on these vacuum series is down to a low 80 dba. These vacuums come with stainless steel or tanks with electrostatically applied paint. At Minuteman, a wide variety of tank sizes, filter configurations, venturi and hose sizes, tools, and attachments for wet/dry pickup are offered. On a few models, optional H.E.P.A filters are also available. Here, 6-gallon, 15-gallon, and 55-gallon containers are available. Use the pneumatic vacuum series for a safe method of vacuum cleaning that gives excellent results.

Use the Minuteman pneumatic vacuum series for a secure and effective cleaning at the job site.

The Minuteman Pneumatic Vacuum Series uses compressed air and the venturi principle to create a vacuum of exceptionally high flow and high static lift. These vacuums are capable of lifting or moving an extensive variety of solid or liquid materials.

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