Automatic Scrubbers by Minuteman

Automatic Floor Scrubbers from Minuteman

Automatic Scrubbers: Minuteman's extensive selection of walk-behind floor scrubbers can handle all your cleaning requirements. They are made from the best quality components and are designed to simplify the cleaning process. These robust, simple-to-use machines simultaneously increase cleaning output and dry and clean floors. They are easy to maneuver and operate and save considerable effort, money, and time.

You can pick from various commercial floor scrubbers from Minuteman. The E Line automatic scrubber machines are part of Minuteman's brand-new, cutting-edge walk-behind scrubber series. They operate exceptionally well in terms of cleaning almost all hard floor surfaces. Thanks to their cutting-edge technology and innovative green cleaning features, these scrubbers are poised to change floor cleaning processes. The low brush deck of this type is ideal for cleaning beneath and around obstacles. For quick and agile cleaning, we provide cylinder and disc platforms. The durable design of our walk-behind floor scrubbers guarantees years of good performance.

The Minuteman Hospital H20 and H26 use antimicrobial resin to help prevent bacteria and infection growth. This device is ideal for use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities due to its silent operation and 24x7 usage availability. Even in confined locations, automatic cleaning is practical due to its modest, compact form. To completely clean your carpets, utilize the Carpet Shark, a wonderful and powerful multi-floor vacuum cleaner.

The Port A Scrub 12 is a compact scrubber with excellent maneuverability and operator friendliness. It scrubs using two counter-rotating cylindrical brushes that allow it to move back and forth while collecting the soiled water in a single pass. The EZ 360° mop is portable, quick, and small and provides various options depending on the floor pad color or brush type. The EZ mop can easily clean slate/porcelain, marble, quarry tile, wood/laminate, studded rubber tile, and terrazzo floors with four brush variations. Find the perfect solution for cleaning your factory or commercial floors at Minuteman


Clean large floor spaces quickly and easily with operator-friendly automatic floor scrubbers from Minuteman.

The E Series automatic scrubber machines form Minuteman’s new and innovative walk-behind scrubber series. With advanced technology and new green clean features, these scrubbers have been engineered to change the way you clean floors. It’s floor scrubbing, reinvented.

The Port A Scrub 12 and 14 are compact scrubbers built to go where other scrubbers cannot reach or fit.

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