Clean Room Vacuums by Minuteman

Clean Room Vacuums by Minuteman

Contamination is a constant concern for those who work in demanding environments. Pollutant, dust, and airborne microbial concentrations must be extremely low in a cleanroom. These minute particles can disrupt work in progress and reduce the effectiveness of the work done in cleanrooms. Equipment with precise cleaning capabilities and high-quality filters, such as ULPA, are needed in critical areas.

Control of surface contamination is the process that presents the most difficulty in any cleanroom. Many of these particles are less than 40 microns in size and are invisible. This is most difficult to control, but precise management protocols help limit contamination in your space. At Minuteman, we understand the pressures you face to maintain your cleanroom and have designed vacuums to give you the desired environment.

The Minuteman Clean Room Vacuum is designed for use in controlled environments. The CRV makes airborne contaminants, including carbon dust from motor cooling, less frequent. The canister vacuum's design results in dust, contaminants, and allergens being densely packed in its interior. This is great news for those who deal with allergies. This vacuum is equipped with an Ultra Low Penetration Air (ULPA) filter with a 0.12 micron 99.999% efficiency rating. The internal filters of the canister vacuum will remove all the dust and contaminants and is perfect for keeping your surroundings dust-free and clean. Being quieter than other types of vacuums, canister vacuums are ideal for serene settings like hospitals and laboratories. This 4-gallon dry-only vacuum is excellent for use in Class 1 to Class 100,000 cleanrooms, growth areas, air showers, pharmaceutical labs, medical device makers, biological labs, and computer rooms. The Minuteman Clean Room Vacuum will undoubtedly contribute significantly to removing particulate matter and improving cleaning procedures at your business.

The Minuteman DS2 Mist-It! Disinfectant Sprayer is portable and lightweight thanks to the 4" integrated wheels. It has light, durable attachments for good reach and provides pulse-free uniform spray, ensuring reliable and effective application methods. Critical areas have unique environmental management and cleaning requirements, and Minuteman can help provide you with excellent solutions.

The Minuteman Clean Room Vacuum, equipped with a ULPA filter, will help you reduce contaminants and pollutants in your sensitive surroundings.

Surface contamination control is a challenging process within any clean room. "Unseen" particles, those particles smaller than 40 microns, can be the most difficult to control. The Minuteman Clean Room Vacuums are designed to be an intricate part of your facility cleaning procedures.

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