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ProTeam Filters & Bags Reference Chart

ProTeam Intercept Micro Filters are thicker, won't shred and treated with antimicrobial organic agent. Double-pleated design gives 21% more filtration area.

The Intercept Micro Filter Product Number is located on the bag as well as the packaging. View reference chart to find the Proteam Filter for your specific vacuum.

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ProTeam Bags & Filters – Elevate Your Vacuuming Experience with Advanced Filtration

Experience the next level of cleanliness with ProTeam Bags & Filters, where innovation meets efficiency in every dust-busting endeavor. ProTeam Intercept Micro Filters redefine the standard for vacuum filtration, boasting thickness, durability, and an antimicrobial organic agent treatment that sets them apart. Dive into the world of double-pleated design, providing a remarkable 21% more filtration area. Elevate your vacuuming experience with ProTeam Bags & Filters, designed for those who demand superior filtration performance.

ProTeam Intercept Micro Filters: The Evolution of Filtration

The Intercept Micro Filter is the foundation of ProTeam Bags & Filters, representing a significant advancement in vacuum filtration technology. In addition to being thicker, these filters are designed to last longer than any other, so even under the most demanding cleaning conditions, they won't tear apart. The Intercept Micro Filters take cleanliness a step further by being treated with an antimicrobial organic agent, an extra layer of defense against harmful microbes.

Double-Pleated Design: Unleashing 21% More Filtration Area

The double-pleated design of ProTeam Intercept Micro Filters is one of their most notable features. With a staggering 21% increase in filtration area, this clever design makes it possible to trap dust particles and allergens more successfully. As a result, you can enjoy a better vacuuming experience that goes deeper than just surface cleaning and into the microscopic world to make your home healthier.

Key Features of ProTeam Bags & Filters

Thicker, Shred-Resistant Material: The Intercept Micro Filters are crafted with a thicker material that stands up to the toughest cleaning challenges without compromising on performance. Say goodbye to filters that shred under pressure – ProTeam Bags & Filters are built to last.

Antimicrobial Organic Agent Treatment

ProTeam goes the extra mile by treating the Intercept Micro Filters with an antimicrobial organic agent. This proactive measure inhibits the growth of microbes, ensuring that your vacuum not only cleans but contributes to a healthier indoor environment by reducing the potential for bacterial growth.

Double-Pleated Design for Expanded Filtration Area

The double-pleated design of ProTeam Intercept Micro Filters is a game-changer. With a 21% increase in filtration area, your vacuum can collect more particles with each pass. This innovative design increases the efficiency of your cleaning routine to unprecedented levels.

The ProTeam Advantage: Elevating Indoor Air Quality

Choosing ProTeam Bags & Filters means choosing a superior level of indoor air quality. As these filters trap more particles, including dust, allergens, and microbes, the air you breathe becomes cleaner and healthier. The ProTeam advantage is not just in cleaning surfaces but in purifying the very air you live and work in.

Efficiency Meets Longevity: The ProTeam Commitment

ProTeam Bags & Filters are not just about immediate efficiency; they embody a commitment to longevity. The thicker material and antimicrobial treatment contribute to the longevity of each filter, ensuring that your investment in ProTeam translates into sustained performance over time. ProTeam is not just a choice for today; it's a commitment to a cleaner future.

In conclusion, ProTeam Bags & Filters redefine the very essence of vacuuming. The Intercept Micro Filters, with their thicker, shred-resistant material, antimicrobial treatment, and double-pleated design, elevate your cleaning experience to new heights. Choose ProTeam for a vacuuming solution that not only cleans surfaces but also contributes to a healthier indoor environment by capturing and containing more particles. Elevate your vacuuming routine with ProTeam Bags & Filters – where innovation meets efficiency for a cleaner, healthier living space.

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