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Phenom 15 Dual Motor Upright Vacuum - 15" Cleaning Path

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Item Description:

Phenom 15 Upright Vacuum

Save time and labor with a heavy duty, maneuverable commercial vacuum. The Phenom is brushing and vacuuming all in one operation for deep, thorough and gentle carpet cleaning. The Phenom brushes thoroughly and quickly removes dirt that clings to the individual carpet fibers and ensures an optimum cleaning result, even in areas subject to heavy wear. The telescopic suction pipe and the flexible suction hose make it possible to vacuum curtains and furniture problem free. Clean sensitive areas with the germ-reducing Fibro filter (standard).

The Fibro filter has a special coating made of nano crystals which combats viruses, bacteria, fungi and micro parasites (such as mites) in the used air or in the filter respectively. The filter does not contain volatile substances and does not emit any odors or other emissions.

Includes: Disposable filter bag, tool kit and fibro filter.


  • Powerful 1000 - 1150 watt vacuumm motor and 150 watt brush motor
  • No tool required brush change out
  • Adjustable brush height for aggressive or light vacuuming
  • Telescoping wand and complete on board tool kit
  • The brush motor will shut down for safety should a clog occur within the brush roller
  • Switch between high power or extra quiet mode
  • Hose inlet is removable for easy clean out
  • Full bag indicator light
  • Quiet operation at 68 dBA
  • 5-stage filtration for clean exhaust with Fibro filter
  • HEPA filter has easy access and is easy to change for constant clean air
  • CRI approved - perfect for almost any dry application
Air Flow:
104 CFM
Brush Motor:
1/4 HP
By-Pass Motor:
Cable Length:
50 ft.
Cleaning Path:
15 Inch
Dust Bag Volume:
1 Gallon
Disposable Filter Bag, Tool Kit & Fibro Filter
Length Suction Hose:
5 ft.
Nominal Width Accessories:
1.5 Inch
Sound Pressure Level:
68 dBA
Vac Motor:
1 HP
Weight w/o Accessories:
17 lbs

Product Literature

Would you like to have all the facts, lost your operator's manual, need to order the right parts, or just want to make sure you are maintaining your machine properly? UnoClean is here to help:

Carpet and Rug Institute

Vacuum cleaners meet criteria levels of Soil Removal, Dust Containment and Carpet Appearance Retention to earn the CRI Seal of Approval/Green Label certification, vacuums must pass the following independent laboratory tests:

  1. Soil Removal - CRI uses NASA-enhanced x-ray fluorescence technology instead of traditional gravimetrix testing to measure the precise amount of soil removed from carpet - either 30 oz/sy commercial cut pile carpet or 30 oz/sy loop pile carpet.
  2. Dust Containment - The vacuum must not release more than 100 micrograms of dust particles per cubic meter of air, keeping dirt and dust locked tight in the vacuum - not escaping back into the air where it can be breathed.
  3. Carpet Fiber Retention - The vacuum must not affect the texture of the commercial cut pile carpet (900 passes with sample rotated every 50 passes) more than a one-step change based on one year of normal vacuum use

Performance Standard:

  • Bronze - 40-49% Soil Removal; Dust Containment ≤ 100 µg/m³ of dust particles
  • Silver - 50-54% Soil Removal; Dust Containment ≤ 100 µg/m³ of dust particles
  • Gold ≥ 55% Soil Removal; Dust Containment ≤ 35 µg/m³ of dust particles

U.S. Green Building Council

Vacuum cleaners are certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute "Green Label" Testing Program for vacuum cleaners and operate with a sound level of less than 70 dB. Powered equipment is ergonomically designed to minimize vibration, noise and user fatigue.

The LEED mark is managed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a nonprofit organization committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings. The LEED certification process is designed to inspire project teams to seek innovative solutions that are better for the environment and better for local communities.

LEED certified vacuums work for all buildings - from homes to large corporate buildings. Projects pursuing LEED certification earn points across several areas that address sustainability issues. Based on the number of points achieved, an institute then receives one of four LEED rating levels: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

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