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BioRem-2000 Surface Cleaner - (12) 20 oz. Aerosol Cans

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Item Description:

BioRem 2000 Surface Cleaner

A powerful aerosol cleaner that dissolves oil, grease and other hydrocarbons to leave surfaces immaculate. It can be used in almost any application, from mopping to emergency spill response. It is approved by the NSF for food service environments, and is recognized by the EPA as a green product and listed as a National Contingency Bioremediation Agent.

  • Advanced - produces a super-cling foam for maximum contact time on vertical surfaces
  • Effective - outperforms conventional cleaners and does not re-deposit oily soils on surfaces
  • Versatile - able to be used on any hard surface, including metal, concrete, plastic, rubber and painted surfaces
  • Safe - non toxic and safe for living organisms, with a neutral pH
  • Listed by the EPA and recognized by the DFE program


  • Remediates oil, grease and other hydrocarbons on hard surfaces into water and carbon dioxide
  • Outperforms degreasers with EPA recognized Microbe Technology
  • Replaces socks, pads and granular absorbents and eliminates disposal costs
  • Quickly dissolves tough, oily soils on most water-safe surfaces
  • Listed on the EPA's NCP Product Schedule and recognized by the EPA's DfE program
  • Safe to use with a neutral pH, non-corrosive, no VOC's and is odor-free

Mopping & Auto Floor Scrubber

  • Outperforms conventional cleaners which only re-deposit oil, grease and grime onto other surfaces
  • Restores oily, slippery floors with a "deep-cleaning" dissolving embedded oil, grease and grime
  • Floors dry quickly eliminating slippery floors by increasing traction
  • Cleans the scrubber's brushes, pads, squeegees and internal hoses and tanks, allowing the scrubber to clean better
  • Extends the life of mop heads by up to 33% and cleans buckets
  • Safe to use in all floor scrubbers and on concrete, tile, painted, urethane, VCT, epoxy and waxed floors

Degreasing & Pressure Washer Applications

  • Attacks and dissolves oil, grease and cuts through grime, leaving surfaces clean, dry and oil-free
  • Produces a "super-cling" foam that cleans as it clings
  • Outstanding value compared to expensive solvent-based cleaners
  • Can be used with nearly all kinds of equipment pressure washers, brushes and as a spray and wipe
  • Non-corrosive formula is safe on plastic, rubber, metal, plexi-glass and painted surfaces

Spill Control

  • Controls vapors, reduces VOC's and elevates LEL's on gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and more
  • Reduces spill clean-up time and disposal costs
  • Dries quickly, leaving surfaces non-slippery during and after application
  • Can be applied in wet or windy conditions


  • The preferred method of disposing is in an oil/water separator, pre-treatment and/or waste water treatment facilities
  • Reduces the frequency of pumping by dissolving sludge build-up and emulsified oils
  • Compatible with skimming, evaporators, biological and polymer treatment systems

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