Hand Sanitizers by Dial

Hand Sanitizers from Dial

Dial Hand Disinfectants are the best solution for effective and convenient germ-killing. These powerful disinfectants can kill 99.999% of pathogenic germs in as little as 15 seconds, making them perfect for use in high-traffic areas or to disinfect after someone gets sick in your household. They are effective against bacteria, yeast, and molds and are latex and non-latex compatible. Plus, they are dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic, making them gentle on the hands. Dial Hand Disinfectants are fragrance- and dye-free and contain added skin conditioners to soften and smooth the hands. Stay protected and keep your hands healthy with Dial Hand Disinfectants. They are the perfect companions for germ-free living.

The Desktop Pump Bottle Instant Hand Sanitizer is gentle on the hands yet kills harmful disease-causing germs. Its desktop pump bottle design makes it perfect for use in the office or at home.

The Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizer is a powerful hand sanitizer that is perfect for use at home or on the go and provides convenient, effective germ-killing without harsh chemicals that can damage the skin. The refill pack for the Flex 800 Series Model 22 Dispenser is available at UnoClean.

The Powerful Foam Sanitizer effectively neutralizes germs and bacteria. This formula is mild enough for repeated use and fragrance-free. It meets the CDC standards for use in healthcare facilities, providing reliable protection against harmful germs and bacteria.

Dial Hand Sanitizers provide optimum protection while being soothing on the skin, keeping your hands clean and germ-free. They are ideal for use in schools, offices, and other settings where frequent hand sanitization is necessary. Power Foam Sanitizers are ideal for use in healthcare settings. With Dial Hand Sanitizers, you can make cleanliness and hygiene your mantra.

Provides convenient, effective germ-kill that works to kill harmful disease-causing germs, yet is gentle on the hands.

  • Kills 99.999% of pathogenic germs in as little as 15 seconds
  • Effective against bacteria, yeast & molds
  • Latex and Non-latex compatible
  • Dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance and dye-free
  • Contains added skin conditioners to soften and smooth the hands

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