Vacuums and Sweepers by Rubbermaid

Vacuums and Sweepers from Rubbermaid

Professional carpet floor sweepers and vacuums from Rubbermaid are excellent instruments for keeping a space clean and healthy. The robust upright and backpack vacuums are made to handle even the most demanding vacuuming tasks, making them the perfect option for commercial cleaning specialists.

The Rubbermaid Floor and Carpet Sweeper with plastic bristles has a compact size. It is ideal for cleaning spaces that are challenging for larger cleaning instruments to access. The sweeper has an easily accessible debris pan that makes cleaning and getting rid of gathered debris simple. This sweeper is made to survive hard use and is appropriate for both bare floors and low-pile carpets. It is made of sturdy galvanized steel and robust ABS plastic.

For both bare floors and low pile carpets, the Rubbermaid Dual Action Sweeper with nylon bristles is multipurpose and efficient cleaning equipment. It offers the highest level of cleaning performance and adaptability because of its two different brush types. The sweeper also comes with two debris pans with one-touch cleaning doors for convenient debris disposal. This sweeper is designed to effectively clean floors while shielding baseboards and furniture from damage, and it has a wide 7.5" sweep path. The floor-conforming soft rubber wheels and brushes ensure thorough cleaning without leaving scuffs or markings.

The Rubbermaid Brushless Mechanical Sweeper is a flexible piece of cleaning equipment with a 44-inch handle. It works well and lasts a long time. Its non marking rubber sweep blades and four corner brushes efficiently remove dirt, dust, and debris from a wide sweep path. The sweeper also comes with twin debris containers with one-touch releases for quick disposal of accumulated material. R Running reliability is provided by the sturdy galvanized steel frame and hood and the gentle, treaded rubber wheels.

A variety of sweepers and vacuums are available from Rubbermaid to suit both business and household consumers' cleaning requirements. Rubbermaid sweepers are a great option for anyone searching for a dependable and effective cleaning solution due to their sturdy build, effective cleaning powers, and protective features.

p>Rubbermaid carpet floor sweepers and vacuums for the cleaning professional. Powerful backpack vacuums and upright vacuums that tackle the toughest of vacuuming situations.

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