CRI Approved Carpet Extractors

Carpet & Rug Institute Gold/Silver/Bronze Certified Carpet Extractors

To earn the CRI Seal of Approval/Green Label certification, vacuums must pass the following independent laboratory tests:

  1. Soil Removal - CRI uses NASA-enhanced x-ray fluorescence technology to measure the precise amount of soil removed from the carpet, and soil removal efficiency is rated on four levels. Carpet Extractors that exceed average soil removal levels receive a Bronze Seal rating. Those achieving higher levels of soil removal receive a Silver or Gold rating. Carpet Extractors that remove the highest level of soil earn the CRI Platinum Seal of Approval.
  2. Water Removal - The carpet extractor or system must remove most of the moisture resulting from a wet cleaning process. Dirty water that remains in the carpet could be a source of fungal growth and could prolong the drying process.
  3. Texture Retention - The carpet extractor must not harm the carpet pile.

Residual Moisture (Removal) in carpet immediately after cleaning operation:

  • Bronze - 55-69%
  • Silver - 70-79%
  • Gold - 80-89%
  • Platinum - 90-100%

CRI Approved Carpet Extractors: Elevating Carpet Cleaning Standards

CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Approved Carpet Extractors will transform your carpet cleaning experience because they are made to outperform industry standards and provide exceptional cleaning results. To ensure the best possible soil removal, water extraction, and carpet texture preservation, these carpet extractors go through extensive testing based on numerous standards established by the CRI.

Soil Removal Expertise

CRI measures soil removal from carpets precisely by using x-ray fluorescence technology that has been enhanced by NASA. Based on four levels of soil removal efficiency, carpet extractors are rated. Units that surpass average soil removal receive a prestigious Bronze Seal rating. Higher levels of soil removal garner Silver or Gold ratings, while the ultimate level of soil elimination earns the esteemed CRI Platinum Seal of Approval.

Efficient Water Removal

Eliminating moisture is just as important as cleaning when it comes to effectiveness. After cleaning, approved carpet extractors must effectively remove the majority of moisture. Eliminating dirty water from the carpet is crucial to prevent potential fungal growth and hasten the drying process, ensuring a fresher and healthier environment.

Preservation of Carpet Texture

Carpet Extractors are rigorously tested to ensure they do not compromise the texture or integrity of the carpet pile. With meticulous attention to detail, these machines clean deeply without causing damage, maintaining the carpet's appearance and feel.

Residual Moisture Removal Criteria

  • Bronze (55-69%): Indicates an carpet extractor's ability to remove 55-69% of residual moisture after cleaning
  • Silver (70-79%): Represents carpet extractors removing 70-79% of residual moisture, ensuring better post-cleaning dryness
  • Gold (80-89%): Carpet Extractors achieving 80-89% residual moisture removal, showcasing higher efficiency and faster drying
  • Platinum (90-100%): The pinnacle level, demonstrating carpet extractors' capability to eliminate 90-100% of residual moisture, ensuring the carpet dries rapidly and completely

It concludes, elevates your carpet cleaning standards with CRI Approved Carpet Extractors, engineered to surpass industry benchmarks. These machines redefine efficiency, offering unparalleled soil removal, water extraction, and texture preservation to achieve superior cleaning results. This emphasizes the rigorous testing criteria and levels set by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) for approved carpet extractors, highlighting their capabilities in soil removal, water extraction, and preservation of carpet texture.

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