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Rubbermaid Technical Concepts System Refills Keep Your Restrooms Fresh and Clean

Rubbermaid Technical Concepts offers a range of system refills for various needs. The AutoFoam Foam Soap Refills are Green Seal certified and have been specially formulated for frequent hand washing. They contain mild cleansing ingredients and emollients to moisturize the skin.

Air fresheners like AutoFresh aerosol refills can lift your mood, reduce stress, and improve your performance.

The AutoFresh Pump Air Neutralizer Refills and AutoJanitor Refills are unique, fully automatic surface care systems that provide hygiene and odor control. In addition to cleaning and deodorizing toilets and urinals, AutoJanitor gives off a fresh, clean smell as well.

The CleanSeat Spray Toilet Seat and Handle Cleaner offers an added level of personal hygiene for toilet visitors. The refill solutions include a pleasant scent and are 99 percent biodegradable.

The Microburst 3000 Air Neutralizer Refill is a fragrance made from rare, exquisite oils from all over the world. Microtrans are also contained in TC fragrances, which neutralize the malodor and leave you with a clean, fresh smell.

The Microburst 9000 Aerosol Refills are the best overall economic choice in aerosol dispensers. They are also more environmentally friendly than standard aerosols, and the patented actuator distributes the finest mist and provides greater coverage with fewer propellants.

The OneShot Foam Refills offer users a rich, foaming soap that soothes the skin, encouraging hand washing to help reduce the spread of germs.

The OneShot liquid refills feature a new pump and delivery tube with every refill to eliminate mess, clogs, and leaks.

The TCell Fragrance Refill is a refill for the TCell Odor Control System, and the TC Sanitizer Refills quickly neutralize harmful germs.

The Flex Manual Skin Care Refills feature foam or liquid refills in one manual dispenser, and the hygienically sealed disposable refills keep soap fresh and germ-free.

With Rubbermaid Technical Concepts System Refills, you can ensure a hygienic and pleasant experience!

Fragrances by Rubbermaid TC use rare, exquisite oils from all over the world. Our fragrances are blended fragrances made from the finest top, middle and base notes. TC fragrances also contain Microtrans, which neutralizes the malodor so all you are left with is a clean, fresh scent.

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