OneShot Liquid Refills

Upgrade Your Hand Hygiene Experience with OneShot Liquid Refills

Introducing OneShot Liquid Refills, the ultimate solution for convenient, mess-free hand hygiene. Our innovative refill system features a new pump and delivery tube with every refill, eliminating the hassle of mess, clogs, and leaks. Say goodbye to downtime, costly repairs, and cleaning, as OneShot Liquid Refills offer unparalleled reliability and performance. With energy-efficient cam-gear technology, our refills provide industry-leading battery life of up to 120,000 cycles or 3 years, ensuring long-lasting operation and peace of mind.

Mess-Free Dispensing, Every Time

With OneShot Liquid Refills, enjoy hassle-free hand hygiene without the mess. Our innovative refill system includes a new pump and delivery tube with each refill, preventing clogs and leaks that can lead to costly downtime and repairs. Say goodbye to messy spills and unreliable dispensing, as OneShot Liquid Refills deliver consistent and reliable performance with every use.

Energy-Efficient Technology for Extended Battery Life

OneShot Liquid Refills feature energy-efficient cam-gear technology that provides industry-leading battery life of up to 120,000 cycles or 3 years. With our advanced technology, you can enjoy uninterrupted operation and peace of mind, knowing that your hand hygiene needs are covered. Say goodbye to frequent battery replacements and enjoy long-lasting performance with OneShot Liquid Refills.

Multiple Sizes for Versatile Use

OneShot Liquid Refills are available in a range of sizes to suit your specific needs. Whether you require a compact 475ml bottle for smaller spaces or a larger 1600ml bottle for high-traffic areas, OneShot has you covered. With each refill providing up to 1,000 hand washes, you can enjoy long-lasting performance and convenience without the need for frequent replacements.

New pump and delivery tube with every refill eliminates mess, clog and leaks. No downtime, costly repairs and cleaning, or replacement parts. Energy efficient cam-gear technology provides industry-leading battery life – up to 120,000 cycles or 3 years.

  • 475ml Bottles = Up to 1,000 hand washes
  • 800ml Bottles = Up to 1,000 hand washes
  • 1600ml Bottles = Up to 1,000 hand washes

It concludes, elevate your hand hygiene experience with OneShot Liquid Refills and enjoy convenient, mess-free dispensing with industry-leading reliability and performance. With our innovative refill system, energy-efficient technology, and range of sizes to suit any environment, OneShot offers the ultimate solution for reliable and efficient hand hygiene. Upgrade to OneShot and experience the difference today.

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