FLEX Manual Skin Care Systems

Introducing FLEX Manual Skin Care Systems: The Ultimate in Hygiene and Efficiency

Experience the next level of hand hygiene with FLEX Manual Skin Care Systems. Designed for maximum convenience and effectiveness, these systems feature foam or liquid refills in one manual dispenser, ensuring a hygienic and germ-free hand washing experience. With adjustable portion control and antimicrobial features, FLEX sets a new standard for cleanliness and efficiency.

Hygienically Sealed Disposable Refills

With FLEX, you can trust that your hand soap is always fresh and free from germs. The hygienically sealed disposable refills keep the soap protected until it's ready to use, ensuring optimal hygiene with every wash. Say goodbye to contamination worries and hello to peace of mind with FLEX Manual Skin Care Systems.

Highest Yield of Hand Washes

Get more bang for your buck with FLEX's high-yield refills, which offer up to 3250 hand washes per refill. This impressive yield ensures long-lasting use and cost savings, making FLEX an economical choice for businesses of all sizes. With FLEX, you can enjoy superior performance without breaking the bank.

Adjustable Portion Control

Customize your hand washing experience with FLEX's adjustable portion control feature, which allows you to select from three dose sizes: 0.4 ml, 0.65 ml, and 1.0 ml. Whether you prefer a light foam or a generous lather, FLEX has you covered. Enjoy precise control over your hand soap dosage for a tailored and satisfying wash every time.

Antimicrobial Push Handle

Stay protected against germs and bacteria with FLEX's antimicrobial push handle. Designed to inhibit the growth of microbes on the dispenser surface, the antimicrobial handle adds an extra layer of defense against contamination, ensuring a cleaner and safer hand washing experience for all users.

It concludes, elevate your hand hygiene routine with FLEX Manual Skin Care Systems. With hygienically sealed disposable refills, the highest yield of hand washes, adjustable portion control, and an antimicrobial push handle, FLEX delivers unmatched hygiene and efficiency. Invest in FLEX and experience the difference for yourself.

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